All I can say is WOW. May was an incredible month loaded with sales and tons of new guitars. With an incredible month of sales come changes to serve you better.

No More Slow, Groggy Website

First of all, lets talk about traffic. With an average of 3500-4000 people shopping each day the website host was having serious trouble keeping up. So some webpages were loading slowly and service was being dropped periodically. This will not be an issue anymore because Symphontree Music now has its own private server that is not shared with anyone else in the world.


A New Look Again

Symphontree Music has changed locations to serve you better. My new location is very close to the old one but has the space and layout that I have been dreaming of since I started this business. I spared no expense on the new location and I believe it to be the most perfect estate to operate out of. A monstrous 11,000 Sq ft lot right in the buzz of Vancouver loaded with epic outdoor space as well as the charm and character of a classic Vancouver heritage house. Now students can enjoy lessons in up to three different teaching rooms as well as many outdoor spaces in the peaceful serenity of a park-style garden. Words cannot describe the unbelievable beauty of the new space and it is an extreme pleasure to show it off to you. Guitars have never looked and sounded so good. Every instrument has its own space and place and there is no crowding or cramping of guitars in order to really show off their unique attributes. The new location is a definite ‘wow’ followed up with an ‘OMG.’ I have never been happier to live on the coast than now.


New Guitars

Of course there are many new instruments either on their way or that have already arrived during the move.  The following guitars have either just arrived or are on their way

Froggy Bottom H 14 Deluxe (In Stock)

Kronbauer OO Koa Bevel and SJC Koa (In Stock)

Don Sharp SJC (In Stock)

Kevin Ryan Mission Grand Concert Cut-Away (In Stock)

Joi Guitars “Winter” (Just Arrived)

Carlos Pina Concert in Double Brazilian (In stock)

Marcus Dominelli Concert in Cedar (In Stock)

Mario Beauregard 15″ Fusion (Arriving Shortly)

Peter Hopkins Tesaa Nova in Red and Blue (Arriving in July, Almost Finished)

The Blonde, Brunette and Red Head by Joe Young (On Their Way)

The “Great One” 40’th Anniversary in Brazilian by Oskar Graf (Arriving Shortly)

“Lewis” by Dion Bews(Arriving Shortly)

As well as new guitars from Heiden, Schneider, Greenfield, Kronbauer, Northwood, House, Heizer, Murfitt, Scott and many more.


New Music Teachers

Symphontree Music is now on the search for the finest music teachers in Vancouver. There will be lessons in the budget for everyone with rates as low as $25 hr for a novice teacher up to $50 hr for pro. All lessons will be planned and arranged by the student’s current teacher as well as Symphontree Music’s owner  and master educator Kevin Hennig. Lessons can be taught in many different rooms as well as year-round outdoor spaces for the guitar lovers who need to be outside with their instrument. These lessons are all about you and are personally catered for you by more than one teacher to ensure the greatest learning experience possible while studying material of personal interest.  Symphontree Music will provide the best music lessons Vancouver has ever seen with a strong focus on creativity as well as individual development.

These new changes and growth are extremely exciting to me, and I hope you are all as excited about them as I am! Get ready because Canada’s finest guitars have a new look.