Tom Bills Arch Top:Natura Deluxe 17″

At what point do you consider a guitar to be perfect? Is it her sweet caress and the way she throws her hair in the morning or the hour glass curves cutting through the pale moon light? One long night with the right new guitar can change your entire perception of the instrument and allow new tones to bloom and old growth to flourish.  Making sense of all the minor details that makes a Borys a Borys and a Benedetto a Benedetto can be overwhelming but one thing for certain is the way they respond to touch.


This Tom Bills Archtop is one fine guitar. If anything is certain it is that guitars of this class can not be compared to each other; they just need to be played and heard to be appreciated.  This guitar seems to dance beneath your fingers in silky silhouettes and puts your left hand on cruise control. What do I mean? Well, this guitar grooves. It is as if this guitar takes over your body, allowing for effortless playability with no working barriers between you and your tone. If the Devil came down to Vancouver and we had to duel guitars to save the world, then this Tom Bills would be my weapon of choice.


Pristine and clear mids and highs with an earthy under belly. An unbelievable amount of sustain from one phrase to the next. A thick driving bass with a punchy warm acoustic sound.  You can move from silky acoustic lines with thick resonance that model a flute or vibraphone type tone and if you attack it a bit harder, she will become raspy and take on a whole new presence allowing the phrases to stand out even amongst a crowd of the finest instruments.

This Tom Bills Archtop is a first-class, one of a kind beauty that will absolutely  blow your mind when you play it. It is unlike any other guitar in the world and unmatched in tone and playability. One could even say that this instrument is perfect and that stirs a lot of personal expectations in terms of tone, playability and appearance. Be rest assured that this guitar will not come up shy; it will exceed the standards and set a new bar for others to strive for.