Sinker Redwood


Sinker Redwood

Sinker redwood soundboards are milled from huge old-growth redwood logs reclaimed from the depths of Northern California rivers. In some cases the logs have lain  for more than a century. Sinker redwood typically display’s a rich spectrum of variegation which is the result of colors uniquely deposited from the silt and the mineral-rich water.


Due to the size and age of most sinker redwood specimens the wood tends to have a tight grain with a strong cross-grain stiffness.  The grain gives the wood a fairly bold response, with a brilliance complemented by warm overtones similar to cedar.  Sinker Redwood is commonly referred to as “Cedar on steroids”

la-la-na-sc-sinker-wood01-jpg-20140712 Symphontree Music has the following instruments in stock using this tone wood

“The Light Vader” Signature Model by Tony Karol

Master Grade Sinker Redwood Top, Reserve Grade Cocobolo Back and Sides, African Blackwood Binding, Head plate, Laskin Armrest, and bridge, Multiscale Ebony Fingerboard, 25.25″ – 26.5″ Parallel 7’th Fret, Top Braces: Adirondack Spruce, Back Braces: Englemann Spruce, Offset Cocobolo Rosette with Red Abalone Rings, Honduran Mahogany Neck, Mitred Back Strip and Tail Wedge, 1 ¾” Polished Bone Nut, 2 3/16 ” with Ebony Pins, Polished 3/16″  Wide Bone Saddle, Cosmo Black Gotoh 510 tuners, K&K Pure Western Mini Pickup Installed $9500             Brand New With Warranty