The G Force Awakens: Episode I: Rise of The Dark Sith Lord LoTune

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The Tone Diaries


Not sure how to start this or even what to say. There is something frighteningly beautiful about these guitars that leaves you feeling rattled, confused, disorientated and absolutely intrigued.  So to tell the Greenfield duo story properly I have to start at the beginning and try to understand why these guitars do what they do.

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After receiving the guitars and having a nice temperate day with a decent lighting I decided to photograph them quickly before I played them or got aquatinted. I drove them one by one in the passenger seat with a seatbelt on, to the closest beach, put them in the stand and laid down on the crooked wet sand and focused the frame: the guitar stared right into my eyes. It hit me instantly. I was no longer viewing a guitar, it was extraordinary in every single way. I spent a max of 5 -10 minutes with the guitars on the beach and escorted them safely home. I have never felt so nervous and so captivated by subjects like these guitars. I trembled photographing them, too many factors at play.  Who knows an orca may come in and feed on this guitar and I forgot my killer whale spray. I can’t risk anything. So I take a few acceptable pictures and escort the cases inside cases back home, 300 meters away.

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Time To Play, I Think


You would think it is now time to play but there is some kind of mutual respect I need to earn with the instruments first. I started with the LT and put it safely on the wall. It stared me down like it was reading my mind. Not only was it demanding my attention, it was alive. “Don’t look away, don’t be shy, mind your manners and remember, I’m always watching”. The object itself was literally too beautiful to just want or need, the feelings needed to be mutual. This guitar has a soul and is living right here, right now, whether you like it or not. I have never, ever felt this kind of power from an instrument or object. Still without playing it and just easing the tension on the neck I could tell that I was in over my head. It’s so much guitar, heaps and bounds of it. Michael does his Greenfield thing and it’s consistent and near perfection every time and, I get it. I can hear it recognize it and feel it, but this guitar is different. I don’t get it, it’s bigger and more profound more refined and much more impressive then anything I have seen from Michael. Without even talking tone, the object is powerful!  When you play it there is such a satisfaction that your hunger or thirst has been craved but the experience will haunt you.


LT (1 of 1)

I played the guitar for a bit and recorded the whole session so I could never forget. I lasted 5  -10 minutes max on the guitar. I needed to get my head straight before I ever go near it again. The tone hit me hard and actually scared me a bit in a weird way. I needed to sleep this one off and recuperate in the morning. I made the decision that I wasn’t ready for that guitar just yet and put it back inside it’s case.

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Time To Play, My Dear


Now I am back in Greenfield zone. I hear the Greenfield tone, I get it. It’s so nice. Very open, round full and powerful, responsive, Mmmmm a dream come true. This is a textbook perfect Mahogany guitar. You can without any doubt hear The Tree and it’s real good. Not as dark and enchanting as the LT but more playful and open. Obviously it’s stunning but it’s also a cheerful, elegant masterpiece and sounds spectacular. The box breathes exactly how it is supposed to, it is a textbook perfect 17″ Mahogany guitar. There is no tone lost on this guitar, nothing hiding or missing. This is the next level of acoustic instrument. I played her for about 15 mins and put them to bed. I was actually exhausted. Eager to see the LT again in the morning.

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How do you sleep knowing he’s watching?

It’s everywhere, in all living things and in every crack the light breaks: it is the force. Somehow the LT is using “The Force” to summon me. I can’t sleep and I can’t think clearly. It’s watching me…Pulling me in. What do I do. It’s 4:30, it’s 5:00, it’s 5:30, what was that, probably the LT! It probably senses a disturbance in the force!

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Front Porching


I woke up had a mighty fine cup of coffee and took the LT to the front porch for some morning birds, ocean sounds etc. I want to show this guitar the beauty of mother natures majesty and shares it voice. So I began playing. This guitar is a powerful beast. You can just attack a string a little and the tone stays, it’s not going anywhere soon. The level of sustain and consistent bloom on this guitar is outrageous. This is some kind of Greenfield powered organic electric music making machine. I played it for about 20 mins and put it back in it’s case. I am getting it more now at this point and am more comfortable with the guitar but am still a bit scared of it.


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Now I sit, after much pacing and stirring, thinking about the guitars, checking up on them. Should I play it again? Am I ready. Well, if I was you wouldn’t be reading this. I need another sleep and I will be ready.

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