Thank you Casimi Guitars For Choosing Symphontree Music as Your Only Dealer in the Americas

There is something incredibly special happening right now in South Africa. A whole other level of guitar is being crafted in Cape Town that directly links to the essential of life that permeates from everything. A guitar with so much natural form that it almost looks alive. Symphontree Music is very excited to present Casimi’s exceptional guitars to the world. Casimi Guitars produces 6-8 instruments a year due to the exquisite detailing and tuning of every single instrument. I am very grateful they are taking the time to craft guitars for the North American market and proud to be a part of it. Thank you Matthias and Matthew for choosing Symphontree Music to represent your incredible guitars. Together we will change the world, one guitar at time.

Casimi Guitars

At Casimi Guitars our highest priority is quality. Excellence in design and excellence in craftsmanship go hand in hand.

Our first aim is to produce guitars that excel in tone, projection, sustain, separation, clarity and harmonic richness. The second aim is to produce guitars that look as good as they sound.

In order to achieve this, every aspect of our guitars is hand-made by Luthier Matthias Roux and Designer Matthew Rice. From the hollow port magnetic bridges to the carved rosettes and individually voiced tops, from the carved braces, hand shaped necks and radiused backs, no CNC machines are used. The human hand and eye is ultimately capable of a far higher degree of accuracy and flow than any machine. It takes years to develop this capacity and many hours of practice. No machine can practice its art in this sense, so we believe in keeping them where they belong, In the factory, producing things by the batch. Looking at the details you will find some of our innovations. Our mitreless purflings along with our magnetic bridge system and hollow headstock are original Casimi inventions.

We offer a range of eight different models.

C1 (Grand Concert), which is smaller than the C2
C2 (Grand auditorium) signature and standard series.
C2S (Full signature C2)
C3 (Grand Orchestra), which is larger than the C2
CF (Flamenco)
CC-10 (10 string Classical guitar)
In addition to these we also offer:
CP (Parlour), which is our smallest guitar
CC (Classical Guitar)

Exotic tone woods such as African Blackwood, Indian Rosewood, Cocobolo, Ebonies, Spruces and Maples are used in the construction of our guitars. As wood is organic, no two pieces are alike, so all our woods are individually tap-toned to gauge their exact and unique qualities. They are then cut and thinned to the specific dimensions required to release their individual voice. Each Casimi guitar is made from start to finish as an individual instrument, allowing each piece of timber to release its distinctive voice and sing in its most natural and powerful way.

Our design inspiration comes directly from nature and we have taken all our cues from her. To us, a guitar is like a living creature, all her parts are a synthesis that add up to a whole.
The aesthetic style we have developed is a visual representation of this philosophy. Each line and plain, blends into the next, just as it does in nature. the size and shape of each component has been honed for hours, sometimes years to get it to relate in proportion to all the others.

For us it is a well-spring of deeply spiritual nourishment, to align ourselves and our work with all that the divine has manifested around us as nature and living essence. Our aesthetic principals are founded on what we perceive in the natural living world as an expression of the most sacred laws of the physical universe. Weight (mass), movement (momentum), rest (inertia) and flow, which is the relationship of all these to each other. To look deeply into the ways that nature establishes form in the living world will reveal that all organic form is built out of flow.

The blood flows in the embryo and builds the chambers of the heart from sediments that are deposited along the lines of its flow and condensed into living tissue. The sap flows in the seed and pushes it upwards slowly building the tree from the materials it gathers on its journey from soil to leaf. The circulation of living beings mirrors river deltas that form from the tinniest of drops flowing together, gaining momentum and mass, depositing nutrients and sediments that build the arteries and river beds, bringing life to every cell and pasture.

This flow is always recognizable if you look for it. Always going from the microcosm to the macrocosm and back again. Breathing always. The signature of life.
The Casimi shapes are a homage to that formative flow of life and the formative flow of sound that is music. They are in a sense, sculptures of music as much as they are musical sculptures.
Both form and function are present and essential to each aspect including the sound ultimately produced.

This also finds expression in the science behind our sound. The ellipse, parabola and hyperbola are expressions in nature of these forces in nature (mass, momentum, inertia, and flow) and our designs are based on these three moving shapes. Research has shown that an ellipse has focal points where an object ricocheting inside it, will always return to the same point it was launched from. Our Casimi body shape is based on the ellipse and our guitars are built so that the vibrations conducted by the bridge into the sound board, will be focused towards the sound hole and thus gain maximum projection.

In nature, form follows function more perfectly than any man made creation. We hope to come a little closer to this great unison and hopefully contribute something of value to the guitar as an evolving instrument.