Symphontree Music on Haida Gwaii

Outreached Limbs

Symphontree Music


In the beginning there were trees. Projecting outwards from the earth in circles and lines that define the decadence of time. The concentric rings of one story weave and mould like a melody into the next movement trapped inside the infinite grain. If left undisturbed these towering giants sustain their own habitat teaming with life and the preservations of time. The grain begins its journey from the earth to the sky, only to return to the earth and guide another back to the sky.

Old growth western hemlock trees growing in temperate rainforest near Point Adolphus on Chichagof Island in Tongass National Forest west of Juneau, Alaska

In its simplest form, this is unconditional love. A love that fulfills decades of vibrant life in its wisdom and wealth and sustains an eternity of songs sung and time kept. This is and will forever be the place were music began.


A quiet chirp blending softly behind multitudes of songs and rhythms balanced on the trembling winds conspiring on the shore, while the ocean shatters and breaks seashells into droplets of sound leaving the sand under the tidal weight of the ultimate conductor: this is harmony.

forest floor

All the while there is another power flowing through the forest floor and above the canopy causing the trees to knock and quake while tossing and turning, tilting and swirling aboard the earth’s effortless fall into the sun. In every measure of time there is a pulse, an actual vibration that reflects the rigidity of our majesty and our home. For every pulse, there is a measure and within this infinity we conceptualize a sense of the passing of time and the phrase it traces. This is rhythm.


Old Canoe-Story

Music leaned on the shoulders of giants to reach the highest mountains and the desolate plains. The sounds of our majesty, mother nature, will forever orchestrate the flow of time. It is here at the temple of the forest one can truly ponder the definition of time and the stories told. Here, sitting on the floor of the earth you can still hear stories being sung. You can feel the magic of song and its profound bliss in its most organic form orchestrated from the trees: a “Symphontree” of sound. Or, more simply, this  is “Symphontree Music.”