Sleeping Beauty Mountain Early Conditions

Just Another Day On The Mountain

November 26 2016

After catching the morning ferry from Alliford Bay to Skidegate I set out for the base of Sleeping Beauty Mountain with my friend Neil Goodwin for some early season riding. There has been some snowfall this past week around the 700 meter mark and the freezing level stabilized enough that there was good promise for some turns. It is remarkably uncommon to hear of anyone snowboarding or skiing the local mountains on Haida Gwaii. It has been a goal of mine since I moved to the islands to invigorate others into the sensational backcountry with their boards and skis and finding their own amazing lines right here at home.



After a nice climb through the jungle to the snow we made our way to bottom of a bowl on the west ridge of the summit. There is not a lot of snow here but the ground is frozen. I searched the mountain for some lines to be had on top of the new snow and red heather. There is approx. 10 inches of snow so all boulders and rocks are just slightly covered and very exposed.

I managed to get in three good runs on this trip and was even able to make it for the 3:40 sailing back to Moresby island. This was a fantastic day and an outstanding experience.

Against all odds Neil and I ran into four locals coming up the mountain with their dogs. One of these locals, Alanah filmed a smart phone video of my second run popping out of a summit hidden in the trees