Slash Declares His New Custom Guitar From Symphontree Music As PERFECT! Thank You Reuben Forsland


There are a few moments when a luthier has the opportunity to reflect and feel their work through the passion and inspiration of a musician. No amount of money can buy this kind of gratification and although the guitar is finished, it’s career has just begun. Building an ecstatic guitar is almost an impossible task. Keeping within the artistic constraints and marketability of the instrument makes it even harder.  Consumers and players are consumed by guitars which in all likeliness will not drive them to ecstasy or become their musical muse and have quite possibly been rejected by the original owner.



TreeHouse Guitars Song Sparrow Guitar

Consumers as well as luthiers maintain a delicate balance between what is “wanted” on the guitar and how it should look. Most common wants would be Brazilian rosewood, European spruce, ebony fingerboard, a bevel or two and common shapes and sizes that we have grown accustomed to seeing on guitars. As a buyer you can rest assured that you will be pleased with your purchase as these simple elements are likeable by many guitar buyers thus the purchase feels more secure. Security is important when spending thousands of dollars on a new lifetime instrument.


  • How many of these buyers keep their guitars for a lifetime?
  • There are entire stores set up specializing in guitar sales that only stock consignment guitars from clients who have purchased guitars and are unsatisfied. How does this affect the market as to have the same dream guitars coveted over again and again?
  • Are we intrinsically holding back our luthiers from producing their best work possible by designing our guitar after a discarded guitar being sold on consignment with pretty words and embellishments attached to it?
  • What happens when we stop telling luthiers what we want and they take care of us purely by listening to what we need in the guitars experience?



Slash, one of the worlds most prominent guitarists commissioned a guitar through Symphontree Music last year. It is from this legendary guitarist that my questions were answered. When given the option between many of my top tier builders, Slash insisted that Reuben Forsland was the man for the job. There wasn’t even any hesitation in making the decision.


Reuben-Photo-joi guitars

Reuben is the most passionate guitar builder on the planet. I know thats saying a lot but this man will carve dinosaur bone for 100 hrs to make you tuners that perfectly match your guitar and won’t charge for it. He views it as a continuation of the entire theme of the guitar and a crucial energy point, it makes the guitar what it needs to be.  His dedication to the craft is very inspirational. Many customers as well as luthiers will not fancy Reuben’s guitars as they deviate away from the consumer norm but when given the chance to play one they could easily fall in love.


In a new article published by Acoustic Guitar entitled, “Welcome to the Jungle” Slash explains the experience of playing his new guitar. The quote below was taken from Acoustic Guitar’s February 2016 edition written by Mark Kemp as well as Mark Greilsamer. This is a crucial read and absolute definitive proof of the ecstatic guitar theorem.


Joi Slash Guitar-9

Welcome to the Jungle

Saul Hudson was eager to see his new guitar, but he wasn’t expecting manna from heaven. After all, Hudson, better known as Slash, is the celebrated former Guns N’ Roses guitarist who’s owned some of the finest instruments in his neck of the rock ’n’ roll woods, from big-name vintage acoustics—a Martin D-18, Gibson J-200, and Guild D-100—to a string of signature Les Pauls.

What more could he want?

“I thought, ‘OK, let’s get this over with: I’m going to open the case and be happy and surprised and then we can move on,’” Slash says with a laugh.

Reuben: Slash

He’s talking about the day the guitar maker Reuben Forsland dropped by to deliver a jumbo acoustic he’d built for Slash from wood that came from the Tree, a mythic source of unusually dense and beautiful, centuries-old quilted mahogany that’s coveted by some of the most respected makers and players of acoustic guitars.

“When I picked it up, I was completely humbled. It was a shock-and-awe moment. It changed everything I’d ever thought about acoustic guitars leading up to that point,” Slash continues, with a boyish wonder that betrays the reverence a head-banging kid might have for Slash himself. “It was the most amazing acoustic guitar I’d ever played or heard.”

What was it about this particular guitar that made such a powerful difference to the guy who recorded GN’R’s most famous acoustic song, “Patience,” using an old beater he didn’t even own? “It’s perfect,” Slash says. “I was amazed that you can actually make a guitar that’s perfect—perfect intonation, perfect tension on the neck, perfect sound. And it’s beautiful. I was just floored. ”

Slash doesn’t seem to care why his new instrument made from Tree mahogany and ancient Sitka spruce sounds so good and plays so well. But he’s absolutely sold on the way Reuben Forsland put it all together in a perfect mix of sound and vision. “It just has this very smooth, very neat and tidy sound, but it’s also really warm and it resonates beautifully,” the guitarist says. “I have it up in the bedroom and still, every time I pick it up, it just blows my mind.” 

Joi Slash Guitar-10

WOW. I couldn’t possibly be more honoured than exclusively representing Reuben Forsland’s incredible guitars.  Hearing feedback like this from any client is extremely rewarding. Knowing that Reuben came up with every element of the design with only hand tools in his shop makes it even more special. A big thank you and congratulations to Reuben Forsland for his incredible work on Slash’s new custom guitar. Slash hangs this guitar in his bedroom on the wall to work on all of his musical inspirations and honour his most intimate playing time. There is no better reward for any luthier than knowing that your work is being loved and appreciated by it’s users.


Stay tuned for Reuben’s newest creations after he returns from NAMM.