The Haida Gwaii

Seek the Remarkably Uncommon Experience

Haida Gwaii is a place for the curious, the adventurous, for those who see every journey as a chance to be inspired by the unexpected, intriguing and the new. It is the home of the unpredictable and incredibly memorable.


Experience the Extraordinary

Privileged by its seaside location or perfectly situated in the canopy of an ancient forest, your destination is our home. Capture the island’s spirit and rhythm while experiencing your most precious stay yet in one of our select locations. All accommodations will have complimentary guitars hand-crafted locally for their guests to enjoy. Each guitar will tell its own remarkably uncommon story and share a piece of our culture, spirit, and history of our land.

Each accommodation with its rare individuality, authenticity, originality, and unique ethos reflects the best of the cultural and social ambience of our location and of the time. Although all of our accommodations look completely different from one another, the resort’s unifying aesthetic is its approach and attitude. It is our attitude and the way it makes you feel that enables our guests to truly experience the extraordinary.

Your Stage

Leave the busy streets behind and find inspiration where nature lights up

All over the archipelago of Haida Gwaii, visitors will be able to voyage into remote wilderness and celebrate music in a whole new way, on a exceptionally special stage.

Each stage will have a custom built guitar crafted from a tree or pair of trees lying on the forest floor directly in front of you. Here on this stage you are left to conduct your own song on a unique custom instrument and gift the voice of the trees back to the forest.

Anyone who wishes to be a part of this movement can and is invited to do so anytime of the day. These guitars are here for you and are a gift from us, back to the forest. It is our incredible honour to pioneer and encourage a new way for anyone to connect and share their individual lifetimes of experiences as an offer back to the forest. There is a degree of spiritual magic in this movement which has the ability to draw a new intimacy with vibrations, music, pleasure and change.

The Guitars

The Heart of Your Music Is Our Home

Music has an ability to harness a more immediate connection with pure sensations than any other fine art form. The sensations of tone are the organic material of the art and can be felt through your whole body. The best music has the ability to transcend your favourite playlists or CDs, and takes you to a different time and place in your life. It becomes your companion. This music has the power to bring you back to a time in your life that you will always remember.

A Honest New Brand of Hand Crafted Guitars To Share With The World

Our hand made guitars are crafted and voiced to deliver the most exceptional playing experience possible. Our unique designs are based on conceptions of the first gravity-powered guitar. Each guitar’s serial number will correspond to the GPS coordinate the original salvaged tree material was sourced from. Instrument owners are encouraged to visit the resort and venture out to these coordinates and pay homage to their new voice.

Instruments will be for sale at Symphontree Music’s headquarters on Moresby Island.

This venue will also serve coffee, baked goods, and entrees complimented by live acoustic music in a gallery setting filled with local artists’ work. It will be possible to watch our luthiers work while enjoying a peaceful coffee in a unbelievably unique and enriching ambience. Music lessons and an in-house recording studio will also be available for anyone to enjoy and and are free of charge to all of our guitar donors.


Not just the time of the year, an entirely new outlook, everyday

Raincoast Tours

Whale Watching

Fishing Tours

Fly Fishing Tours

Artist Tours

Black Bear and Spirit Bear Tours

Splitboarding as well as Ski Touring

Heli Ski/ Snowboard

Surfing Lessons and Tours

Gwaii Haanas Park Tours

Like most of earth’s prolific places, Haida Gwaii has a powerful spirit that permeates everything and lends its vibrations to the distinctive features of the region. It shows in ten thousand elusive ways, from the peculiar shapes and land forms to the manner of a simple leaf unfolding. You can smell it in the air, hear it in the limbs of trees, and feel it moving in the earth beneath your feet. You will find it in the stories, songs, dances, carvings, and politics of the people who live there. The longer people live in this place the deeper they become immersed in its web of life, and the more pronounced and articulated that special quality becomes in their culture.

What word defines our tour guides?

Passion. Passion for the people, talent, and ideas of their neighbourhood. They’re always available to help you find the best experiences possible.

The Haida Gwaii

In 2014 Symphontree Music sought out to find the most spectacular location possible in order to display and define the full capacity of the instruments offered and the silence between. A beacon to return to another space and realize a new self. To experience the cleanest water, the greenest forests and an abundance of everything her majesty, mother nature has to offer. Haida Gwaii is such a place where you can feel, connect and embrace the pulse of your surroundings on an entirely new level.

Our new website will be the virtual home of the islands and our guitar resort.