Wild Fare From Moresby Island

Raincoast Breads

Wild Yeast Breads

Like most of earth’s prolific places, Haida Gwaii has a powerful spirit that permeates everything and lends its vibrations to the distinctive features of the region. It shows in ten thousand elusive ways, from the peculiar shapes and land forms to the manner of a simple leaf unfolding. You can smell it in the air, hear it in the limbs of trees, and feel it moving in the earth beneath your feet. You will find it in the stories, songs, dances, carvings, and politics of the people who live there. The longer people live in this place the deeper they become immersed in its web of life, and the more pronounced and articulated that special quality becomes in their culture.

Raincoast Bread’s yeast cultures have been captured and raised on the Cedar Tannin rich waters of Moresby Island in order to proof the most authentic heritage bread possible. Each Boule is hand crafted without a mixer, proofed in wooden baskets and baked in a cast iron Heritage oven from 1908.

The smell of good bread baking, like the sound of lightly flowing water, is indescribable in its evocation of innocence and delight.     

M. F. K. Fisher

The Extraordinary Flavour of Haida Gwaii

Coastal Boule

Country White
Mt. Moresby Alpine
Cave Aged

Mount Moresby Alpine (%40 multigrain, %60 cracked red wheat) $8

Country White (%20 Canadian 7 Grain Mix, %80 Cracked Red Wheat) $8

Cave Aged (bread is aged over 30 hrs at varying temperatures, removing most gluten) $10

A loaf of bread need contain only two ingredients: flour and water. Together, in reaction to their environment and home, the two can create universe of possibilities. All Raincoast breads are naturally leavened due to the presence of certain species of wild-local yeasts, which grow and multiply in the medium. These species induce alcoholic fermentation of the sugar in the flour and produce beneficial bacteria and probiotics in the dough. The ideal loaf in neither squishy nor pale. It is a sour dough loaf that earns it’s character and beauty. Natural leavening, slow by nature, gives this rustic loaf the time it needs to develop texture and flavour. A beautiful loaf will be burnished brown on the outside, has a solid but not impenetrable crust, subtly blistered with tiny fermentation bubbles that say, this is a loaf of integrity, a loaf made with care and time. There is a solidness to the loaf yet when it is held in your hands it feels slightly lighter then you imagined.

Artisanal Loaves

The Stephane
Garden Pumpkin
Rye Cranberry
Haida Rye
Rosemary and Olive Oil
Herb Focaccia
Spicy Roasted Pepper Focaccia
Potato Dill Bread


Quince (%20 whole wheat, Poppy Seeds, Quince Fruit, Wild rose Hips) $10

The Stephane (%50 whole wheat, Canadian 7 Grain Mix, Sunflower Seeds) $10

Garden Pumpkin (%40 multigrain, %60 cracked red wheat, roasted spices, flamed pumpkin) $10

Rye Cranberry (Rye and whole wheat livened by rye starter, fresh cranberries, roasted sunflower seeds ) $9

Haida Rye (Rye and whole wheat grains , Rye starter, Rye Chops, Roasted Cinnamon Bark, Black Currants) $10

Fresh Rosemary Olive Oil (Country White base, garden rosemary, olive oil ) $9

Cumshewa Baguettes (Cumshewa Yeast Culture, Country White base) (order of 3 Baguettes $16)

Herb Focaccia (Rosemary, Savory, Thyme, Coasrse Sea Salt, Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil) $12

Spicy Focaccia (Jalepeno’s, Roasted Red Pepper, Coarse Sea Salt, Herbs, Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil) $ 14

Potato Dill Bread (Country White / potato base, dill, garden leeks, cream) $10

Pull apart the loaf and you will find the texture is elastic but not rubbery. Tearing into the crumb you will see the bread is porous, almost spongelike, a natural sponge, in which irregular cell structure has been preserved. The crackle of the crust is the first thing you will notice, not just from the bubbly outer skin but from the thin, caramelized layer of crunch that surrounds the mie. This is where you will find most of the flavour- the slight sweetness from the crust and the developed tang of the fermentation, concentrated in one bite. There should be a natural almost cavelike coolness to the interior of the bread, which I like to think comes from the aging of the dough. You taste the time and sweat it took to make this loaf. You will taste perfection.

Experience The Taste of Fresh Baked Bagels

Dough and Knots

Terra Muffins
Cumshewa Farm Croissants



Everything Bagel $12 for 6 or $20 for 12

Plain $ 10 for 6 or $16 for 12

Raisin Brioche $12 for 6 or $20 for 12

Sesame $10 for 6 or $16 for 12

Poppy Seed $10 for 6 or $16 for 12

Rosemary and Rock Salt $12 for 6 or $18 for 12

Spicy Candied Walnut $12 for 6 or $20 for 12

Sugar Plum (Pomegranate Juice, Plums, Sunflower Seeds) $22 for 16

Maple, Bacon, Apple $12 for 6 $20 for 12

The Vegan Bagel $20 for 16 (can be ordered with any toppings)

  • Sandspit residents receive %20 discount on all Bagel pricing



A rustic sour dough Baguette resembling classic french recipes without commercial yeast and conditioners. Our Haidette’s are a warm, caramelized brown with pointy ends and a thin almost candy layered crust that shatters when you bite into it. At the same time the crust is tender and the Haidette can almost compress into flatness, then slowly rise back. Baguettes come in orders of three.  $16

Terra Muffins

Our take on english muffins. Available in dozens.   $12 

Cumshewa Farm Croissants

Tall, curved, flat on the bottom, fluffy on top, height is around two thirds of the width. The colour is a golden with tiny slivers of white and burnt orange in the folds and seams. A crusty shell on the outside, soft and airy on the inside. Available in dozens  $25




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