Zachary Lefebvre crafts 6-7 guitars a year in the small village of Hilton Beach (pop. 145). Hilton beach is located on the northeastern shore of St. Joseph Island in the North Channel of Lake Huron, Ontario. Treehouse guitars are crafted and built with the deepest respect to the land all while capturing the sheer majesty of nature as a musical instrument. Zachary sources historic, salvaged woods and is dedicated to the 2 year goal of operating completely off the grid.  This dedication to preserving the environment comes through the guitars as a profound, distinct voice that can only be orchestrated by an artist very intimately related to his material.

Zachary apprenticed with Canadian legend Serge De Jonge before opening up his own shop on St Joseph Island. He is currently building 6-7 world class instruments a year.



Blue Heron OMZ

Italian Spruce Top, Ziricote Back and Sides, Sapele Neck, African Ebony Bridge, Fingerboard, Binding, End Graft, Headplate: African ebony with Greenrot Wood Inlay, Greenrot Black Cherry Wood Rosette, 1 3/4″ Nut width, Bridge String Spacing: 2 3/16″, Scale Length: 25.4”/64.5cm, Blue Heron Wood Burning, Bone Nut




Sonora Island Sitka top, East Indian Rosewood back, Sides and Binding (amazingly colourful set), Figured Sapele and Turquoise theme




Cedar top, Wenge Back and Sides, Snakewood theme (rosette, binding, endgraft and likely headstock inlay). Fretboard inlay to be determined but it will likely be the focus of the guitar since everything else is dark coloured.


Custom Order

Symphontree Music has custom guitar slots available for Treehouse guitars for winter 2017.

Treehouse Guitars


Treehouse Guitars is located in the remote community of Hilton Beach on St. Joseph Island, Ontario


Treehouse guitars joined Symphontree Music in the fall of 2017.