The Concert

Pepe Romero

2005 Pepe Romero: Euro Spruce Top, Brazilian Rosewood Back and Sides, Ebony Fretboard and Bridge, 53 mm Nut Width, 650mm Scale Length,Β Reischl Tuners Β Β  reg: $10,500Β  now: $8500

The Ecstatic Guitar Theorem

Critical Tone Analysis

Response and Compliance

1. Chordal Response: lively, energetic, chordal response, snappy, vibrant, clairvoyant
𝑑1 = 4.8 ( 4.8 -n) +1 =1.8 )
2. Individual note decay as well as blended in a chord:
approx 12 sec as note ~ sec with vibrato
𝑑2 = 4.9 ( 4.9 – n) +1 =1.9 )
3. Basic volume and presence: concert projection with excellent note articulation
𝑑3 =4.8 (4.8 – n) +1 =1.8 )
4. Individual note separation and focus: great note separation and focus, piano like finish
𝑑4 = 4.75( 4.75– n) +1 = 1.75)
5. Systematic sustain: warms swells of sustain lingering in fundamental, complex note resonation with upper and lower partials and fast response
𝑑5 = 4.9 ( 4.9 – n) +1 =1.9 )
6. Response compliance: lively and warm response, reminiscent of traditional concert guitars
𝑑6 =4.8 (4.8– n) +1 =1.8 )
7. Balance and quality of tone: excellent balance and quality of tone, strong trebles and bass with a sweet warm mid section. Good open G projection and quality. Colourful tone.
𝑑7 =4.85 (4.85- n) +1 =1.85 )
8. Even strength and balance of each string: strings are balanced evenly
𝑑8 = 4.85 (4.85 – n) +1 = 1.85)
9. Tone projection: excellent tone projection, subversive concert tone that can cut through the room
𝑑9 =4.85 ( 4.85– n) +1 = 1.85)
10. A large dynamic range: a vast dynamic range to choose from, raspy and dark lows to sweet and soft lows, rich and sweet mids to snappy and aggressive.
𝑑10 =4.9 (4.9– n) +1 =1.9)
11. Tonal bloom: even consistent bloom with soft finish
𝑑11 =4.8 (4.8 – n) +1 =1.8 )

Quality Of Tone

A concert guitar with excellent projection, balance and response. AΒ vast dynamic range to choose from, raspy and dark lows to sweet and soft lows, rich and sweet mids to snappy and aggressive. Excellent note separation and articulation. A professional level instrument.


βˆ‘π‘‘ = (𝑑1+𝑑2+𝑑3+𝑑4+𝑑5+𝑑6+𝑑7+𝑑8+𝑑9+𝑑10+𝑑11)=
𝐏= βˆ‘ 𝐅 βˆ• T βˆ‘π…=βˆ‘π‘‘β§Ήπ€
P = / T
𝐏= 20.2/ 22 β‰… 9.2 /10 β‰… 92 %


This guitar was one of twelve guitars made in 2005 by Pepe Romero. It pairs together Pepe’s finest Bear Claw Spruce top with perfectly quarter sawn Brazilian Rosewood. The result is a compelling instrument with a lot to offer players of any ability looking for a professional level instrument.


This guitar is made Β by the son of the great guitarist Pepe Romero. Pepe Romero Jr.’s waiting list for new instruments is 4 years so I am delighted to have a guitar of his available now. This particular guitar is very lightly built reminiscent of legendary guitars built by Miguel Rodriguez in Cordoba, Spain.


This guitar is a swooner and crooner. The Romero concert is a sweet talking, suave man with a powerful voice and presence which demands your attention.