Nicole Alosinac



Designing and building a guitar involves an incredible number of decisions at every step. Nicole Alosinac looks to optimize each aspect of her guitars to bring out the best tonal characteristics at every turn. She aims to combine the best of traditional methods with proven modern innovations in the belief that attention to detail in each minute aspect will bring out the tonal potential that lies within each piece of wood.

She aims to create a dynamic and responsive voice that inspires with a depth to the lows and a sweetness to the trebles, while maintaining a clarity and projection of individual notes.

Nicole Alosinac came to guitar building after studying woodworking design and contruction at Conestoga College in Kitchener, ON. She was working as a cabinet maker when she fell in love with the guitar and quickly found herself working at Jean Larrivee Guitars in 1999. Through Larrivee Nicole met Master Luthier Geza Burghardt whom she studied with over the next twelve years, learning the traditional techniques of classical guitar building, guitar repair and violin restoration. After Larrivee Nicole worked at a busy Vancouver repair shop before opening her own repair and restoration business in 2003. Since then Nicole has worked on thousands of instruments that have informed her approach to guitar making.


Nicole continues to repair, restore and build guitars from her studio in Vancouver, BC Canada.



 Black Gold


  • Scale length 25.5″
  • Pomelle sapele back and sides
  • Sitka spruce top
  • 20 year aged Honduran mahogany for the neck
  • Double action truss rod
  • Carbon fiber reinforced neck
  • Sound port
  • V-joint for the headstock
  • Bolt on, bolt off neck to body joint
  • Fully lined (not kerfed) sides
  • All braces glued with hide glue
  • All braces hand split


If you are interested in purchasing this guitar or would like more information on the build then we would love to hear from you.

Projected finish date Aug 10 2018

Details Still To Be Discussed

Sitka Spruce Top, Amazon Rosewood, Honduran Mahogany Neck, Ebony Fingerboard, Bridge, Bone Nut, Saddle,

available for pre sale for late 2018

Custom Order

Symphontree Music has custom guitar slots available for Nicole Alosinac guitars for fall/ winter 2018. Nicole’s current base price is $6500.


Nicole Alosinac works out of her shop in Vancouver, BC, Canada.