Michel Pellerin


Every Pellerin guitar begins with a choice of first quality materials. Right from the start, each piece of wood is selected to create a guitar designed to meet our criteria for elegance, comfort, and tone.

To reach our standards, we choose to pay attention to every detail that goes into making a Pellerin guitar a unique experience in terms of feel, look, and especially sound.


Grand Auditorium CW

Moresby Island Bear Claw Sitka Spruce Top, Bird’s Eye / Curly Maple Back and Double Sides, Armrest, Multiscale Fan 25″ – 26″ with 12th Parallel,Ebony Fretboard, Bridge, Gotoh 510  $8500


Grand Auditorium CW

Moresby Island Sinker Red Cedar, East Indian Rosewood Back and Double Sides, Armrest, Ebony Fretboard, Bridge, Multiscale Fan 25″ -26″, 12th Fret Parallel, Gotoh 510   $8500


Custom Order

Symphontree Music can book a custom guitar with Michel for Winter 2016-2017.

Michel Pellerin


Michel Pellerin’s shop is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Symphontree Music will be taking receipt of their first Pellerin guitar very shortly.