Michaud OM-R Pernambuco

Joel Michaud

OMR German Spruce Top, Master Grade Pernambuco Back and Sides, Honduran Mahogany Neck, Michaud Arm Rest, Cut Away, Manzer Wedge,Ebony Fingerboard and Bridge, Bone Nut and Saddle


New With warranty


Arched Top and Back Hardshell Case

The Ecstatic Guitar Theorem

1. Chordal Response: responds effortlessly and quickly, full bodied response across the spectrum
𝑑1 = 4.6 ( 4.6-n) +1 =1.6 )
2.Individual note decay as well as blended in a chord: long decay in an even lengthy swell
approximate 12 sec as note 12 ~13 sec with vibrato
𝑑2 = ( 4.7 – n) +1 = 1.7)
3. Basic volume and presence: A warm, intimate, aromatic presence with good amplitude and excellent responsiveness
𝑑3 = ( 4.7– n) +1 =1.7 )
4. Individual note separation and focus: an articulate and direct voice with precise intonation
𝑑4 = ( 4.7– n) +1 =1.7 )
5. Systematic sustain: large full bodied, rich sustain in slow warm swells
𝑑5 =(4.65 – n) +1 =1.65 )
6. Response compliance: responds well across the spectrum, fuller mids and bass, sparkling and powerful trebles. Excellent treble response as well as balance
𝑑6 =(4.75– n) +1 =1.75 )
7. Balance and quality of tone: overall very well balanced, more fundamental wave in the bass and mids then trebles, amplitude and projection is very well balanced, nice overtones, some upper and lower partial harmonic register, sweet open sound
𝑑7 =(4.6- n) +1 =1.6 )
8. Even strength and balance of each string: all strings are balanced and strong,popping harmonics
𝑑8 = (4.75– n) +1 = 1.75)
9. Tone projection: a warm, intimate projection capable of bellowing across a room
𝑑9 =(4.65 – n) +1 = 1.65)
10. A large dynamic range: a vast array of dynamics rich in decay
𝑑10 =(4.65– n) +1 =1.65)
11. Tonal bloom: a slow, even bloom with a consistent swell resonance
𝑑11 = (4.75 – n) +1 =1.75 )

Quality Of Tone

A well balanced guitar with a lively response and a reserve of dynamics to dig into. A piano-like clarity, precise balance, with very controlled overtones and rich popping harmonics. Absolute effortless playability teamed up with extraordinary intonation. An excellent guitar suited for any level of player which offers the user a lot of control over the playing experience.


∑𝑑 = (𝑑1+𝑑2+𝑑3+𝑑4+𝑑5+𝑑6+𝑑7+𝑑8+𝑑9+𝑑10+𝑑11)=
𝐏= ∑ 𝐅 ∕ T ∑𝐅=∑𝑑⧹𝐀
P = / T
𝐏= 18.5 / 22 ≅ 8.4 /10 ≅ 84 %


This guitar was conceived as part of a collection of Michaud Made guitars that would be released to show the world the incredible possibilities of Joel’s work. A Michaud Made guitar has become a global flagship instrument and a new standard of excellence in the community of hand-made guitars due to Joel’s incredible attitude for the craft and his dedication to the pursuit of tone. Joel’s level of craftsmanship and ability to create clean-flowing lines is shocking, even to the master luthiers of today.

This particular guitar was completed while the sun was in the constellation Leo. A guitar born in Leo signifies emotional exuberance, natural showmanship, recognition, and admiration.

This collection debuted with two OM-Rs crafted from Brazil’s “Olympian” tonewoods timed perfectly for the 2016 world games in Rio.


This OM-R features a combination of the ideas and designs invented by other luthiers, including a Laskin-style arm rest, a Manzer wedge, and a Traugott-style floating back brace. All of these design ideas echo the original blueprints but have been tweaked by Joel to create unique Michaud Made instruments. The geometry of the box, bridge, and headstock, and the tuning of the instrument are a direct product of Joel’s voyage upon the endless pursuit of tone.


Here is a sleek, sophisticated, and incredibly sexy instrument from Calgary’s Joel Michaud. This Michaud Made guitar is a refinement of the classic OM form married with the sweet, nurturing, warm-bodied voice of Pernambuco wood. For these reasons this guitar conducts a more feminine chorus within its natural voice. The voice is seductive and enchanting, and responds quickly to touch.