Michael Greenfield

The Tree G4

Greenfield G4 β€œThe Tree Series” Adirondack Spruce Top, The Tree Back and Sides, Proprietary β€œTone Halo” by Michael Greenfield, Arm and Rib Rest, Ebony Fingerboard, Bridge, Mother of Pearl Rosette

The Ecstatic Guitar Theorem

1. Chordal Response: energetic, electric, fast response, open, round 5.0
𝑑1 = ( 5 -n) +1 = 2)
2.Individual note decay as well as blended in a chord: 14 sec + 5.0
approx 14 sec as note ~ 14 sec with vibrato
𝑑2 = (5 – n) +1 = )
3. Basic volume and presence: loud, open, playful tone, crisp, round, more refined then Vintage, stereo thick, lush 5.0
𝑑3 = ( – n) +1 = )
4. Individual note separation and focus: pristine separation, excellent focus, big round individual notes, crisp definition and the perfect blend of sustain, balanced
𝑑4 = ( 4.95 – n) +1 = 1.95) 4.95
5.Systematic sustain: Un worldly Mahogany sustain, just the right mix of everything, even, defined swells, perfect Mahogany tone on steroids
𝑑5 =(4.9 – n) +1 =1.9 ) 4.9
6. Response compliance: fast even response, even swells, crisp defined note deflection, superb energy output and energy flow through the box, playful 5.0
𝑑6 =(5– n) +1 = 2)
7. Balance and quality of tone: pristine Mahogany tone paired with Greenfield’s thick resounding voice, Clear and defined Greenfield balance
𝑑7 =(4.9- n) +1 = 1.9) 4.9
8. Even strength and balance of each string: each string is a vibrating quantity matched perfectly with the box and top, like having six guitars with one string each
𝑑8 = (5.0– n) +1 = 2.0) 5.0
9. Tone projection: intimate, round, warm but bright, lush, perfect recording tone and projection, textbook Mahogany projection with more power and girth
𝑑9 =(5.0 – n) +1 = 2.0) 5.0
10. A large dynamic range: a vast array of tonal qualities and colours to choose from, rich, lush, extravagant 4.9
𝑑10 =(5.0– n) +1 =2.0)
11. Tonal bloom: warm, even, consistent bloom and focus, slow, steady and powerful swells
𝑑11 = (5.0 – n) +1 = 2.0) 5.0

Quality Of Tone

Round and playful full bodied mahogany tone on steroids, crisp and stereo like finish, rich, lush, bright, cheery, ravishing and luxurious, consistent bloom, wet and vibrant


βˆ‘π‘‘ = (𝑑1+𝑑2+𝑑3+𝑑4+𝑑5+𝑑6+𝑑7+𝑑8+𝑑9+𝑑10+𝑑11)= 21.65
𝐏= βˆ‘ 𝐅 βˆ• T βˆ‘π…=βˆ‘π‘‘β§Ήπ€
P = 21.65/ T
𝐏= 21.75/ 22 β‰… /10 β‰… 98 %


In late 2013 Michael Greenfield came across some of the nicest sets of β€œThe Tree” to hit the market in recent years. It became to clear to both Michael and I that we needed to build a tonal powerhouse capable of delivering the entire spectrum of tone expected from Tree mahogany wood. This is one of five Greenfield β€œThe Tree” guitars that will be made as part of this collection. These guitars are considered the β€œRolls Royce” of guitars.


Borrowed design elements include the Laskin arm rest and rib rest. All other elements of the design are Michaels designs after years of developing his craft on his crusade to hone the Greenfield tone.


This guitar is an extraordinary gentleman. He takes charge when needed but always accounts for all parties involved. Unbelievably smart and equally humble, he is a man of few words with a profound voice.