The MB Facettes

Mario Beauregard

Spruce Top, Maple Back, Sides, Neck, Pearl Black, Carved Facettes Voicing on Top, Back, “One of a kind” Custom Benedetti Pick Up (original proto-type for their upcoming 50’th Anniversary) 25 ” Scale, Gotoh 510 Tuners


New With warranty


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The Ecstatic Guitar Theorem

Critical Tone Analysis

1. Chordal Response: fast lively, energetic, fun, uplifting 5.0
𝑑1 = (5 -n) +1 = 2)
2.Individual note decay as well as blended in a chord: 14 sec +
approx 14 sec as note ~ 14 sec with vibrato 5.0
𝑑2 = (5 -n) +1 = 2)
3. Basic volume and presence: loud for it’s size and form, warming presence, even balance, loud thick trebles 4.8
𝑑3 =(4.8 -n) +1 = 1.8)
4. Individual note separation and focus: clean, clear,lyrical note articulation, smooth finish with a round bloom 4.8
𝑑4 =(4.8 -n) +1 = 1.8)
5. Systematic sustain: rich and textured sustain, smooth resonance with excellent overtone management 4.9
𝑑5 =(4.9– n) +1 =1.9)
6. Response compliance: fast, lively, even response, very easy to play, tone melts like butter beneath your fingers 5.0
𝑑6 =(5 -n) +1 = 2)
7. Balance and quality of tone: evenly balanced, thick honey dipped trebles, smooth and even note transitions, glass like feel and playability 4.9
𝑑7 =(4.9– n) +1 =1.9)
8. Even strength and balance of each string: each string is balanced and focused brilliantly, expert articulation and voicing 5.0
𝑑8 =(5 -n) +1 = 2)
9. Tone projection: pronounced forward projection with an intimate finish, well defined bark , snappy and punchy, smooth and powerful 4.9
𝑑9 =(4.9– n) +1 =1.9)
10. A large dynamic range: vast dynamic range across the spectrum, smooth and buttery to dusty tumbleweeds 4.9
𝑑10 =(4.9– n) +1 =1.9)
11. Tonal bloom: remarkably even focused bloom with a bark like finish
𝑑11 =(5 -n) +1 = 2) 5.0

Quality Of Tone

Exuberant, vivacious tone loaded in hints of playfulness, sparkles and chimes. A chatty box that has a lot to say and begs you to listen. Expect a forward pronounced intimate sound wave capable of taking your fingers everywhere and anywhere they want to go. The MB Facettes is the one thing missing in every guitarists collection!


∑𝑑 = (𝑑1+𝑑2+𝑑3+𝑑4+𝑑5+𝑑6+𝑑7+𝑑8+𝑑9+𝑑10+𝑑11)= 21.2
𝐏= ∑ 𝐅 ∕ T ∑𝐅=∑𝑑⧹𝐀
P = / T
𝐏= 21.2/ 22 ≅ 9.6/10 ≅ 96 %


This guitar took over Mario’s life. Every order went on hold when the carving began. There is an immense amount of mojo, passion and love on every single line on this guitar. This is not just another sensational guitar, it is and will forever be a joyous celebration of one of the most important relationships in Mario’s life.


Mario Beauregard is responsible for all design elements on the new MB. This MB model also features Mario’s Facettes carve. I had a chance to interact tremendously with Mario during this build. The lines and form itself have a profound significance to Mario. This guitar is and will forever be a milestone in his career.


This guitar embodies an exuberant sexiness. I have found that females in particular who view the guitar find it sexy or attractive. Men who have commented on the guitar’s appearance have also hinted at it’s incredible sexiness. I believe it’s Mario’s ability to form round lines in such a way that the organic nature of the work presents our deep internal complex relationship reserved for the boundaries of love.

This guitar from my perspective is a serious hero of a man. One with incredible strength and charisma matched with a refined sophistication. This man’s heroism stems from his ability to wear many faces. He is strong yet sensitive, masculine but beautiful, tender yet hardened and the most sophisticated instrument you could ever imagine.

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