“You have freedom, so you have to make choices – and at the point when I make a choice, the building starts to look like a Frank Gehry building. It’s a signature”


Frank Gehry

“I’m nothing else but an artist, I’m sure, and delighted to be”

 Marcel Duchamp


Joi Guitars

Feb 17 2018  “Balance Rock”



Soundboard Lutz Spruce Picea x lutzii

  Back, Sides, Vintage Figured Bubinga Guibourtia carrissoana 

Neck Vintage Figured Bubinga Guibourtia carrissoana

Bridge, Fretboard Ebony Diospyros crassiflora


LOWER BOUT 15 1/2 “
NUT WIDTH 1 3/4″


1.Chordal Response:  a lively fast-warm energetic-lively response, balanced- thick chordal weight with crisp developed spectrum, warm productive, intimate plunging bass   4.85
𝑑1 = 4.85   ( 5-n) +1 =1.85 )
2.Individual note decay as well as blended in a chord:  14 + secs  superb sustain with upper/ lower partials,  wet and dry possible   4.95
𝑑2 = 4.95 ( 5-n) +1 =1.95 )
3. Basic volume and presence: a medium loud intimate, dynamic and rich voice, rewarding and balanced blend of full responsive tone, shimmering orchestral timbre to dark and haunting, steady bloom     4.8
𝑑3 =4.8 ( 5-n) +1 =1.8 )
4. Individual note separation and focus: excellent note separation and focus, full bodied  -rich round highs, airy and decadent bass, wet and dry notes, possible, excellent balance and articulation, reliable and consistent note separation,      4.8
𝑑4 =4.8 ( 5-n) +1 =1.8)

5.Systematic sustain: warm full bodied sustain, wet and dry response possible, versatile sustain from flat picking to finger-style, toasty malleable sustain, capable of building amplitude, can suspend over lengthy intervals in steady bloom, saucey 4.95
𝑑5 =4.95 ( 5-n) +1 =1.95)
6. Response compliance: energetic, lively response with balanced finish, active and balanced spectrum, intimate, pleasing, rewarding, dark and sweet takings of tone     4.8
𝑑6 = 4.8 ( 4.85 -n) +1 =1.8)
7. Balance and quality of tone: very well balanced, fiery streams of tone to soft velvety accents,  an enthusiastic/ surprising voice, inviting vibrant, bellowing harmonics, an orchestra in a guitar,  pleasing, excellent pedal tone, sostenuto, versatile           4.9
𝑑7 = 4.9 ( 4.8-n) +1 =1.9 )
8. Even strength and balance of each string: strings are well balanced, refined sound with expert articulation, great fundamental  4.9
𝑑8 = 4.9 ( 4.75-n) +1 =1.9 )
9. Tone projection: forward and friendly fire, feel it stir as you play, forward intimate. concert, focused tone production, radiated sound full box, consistent reach and bloom      4.9
𝑑9 =4.9 ( 5-n) +1 =1.9)
10. A large dynamic range: a superb array of  inspiring dynamics to stir up, soft, open, sweet, honey dipped classical spectrum of tone to burnt toasty tone to airy decadent sweeping phrases, an orchestra in a box, candy coated mids 4.95
𝑑10 =4.95 ( 5-n) +1 = 1.95 )

11. Tonal bloom: full even bloom cycles, even, steady consistent, count on the note to be there when you need it   4.9
𝑑11 =4.9 ( 5-n) +1 =1.9 )


Quality Of Tone

Liv has a very dynamic creative voice with a warm comforting presence. Swirls and curls of upper and lower partials weave within the dense fundamental wave to form a complex sound full of shimmering darkness and rising light. This guitar excels in lower tunings providing a deep, throbbing wave of tone that can swept off the floor and darted through the room. Nuances of dissonance and consonance blend effortlessly due to rich fundamental blanketed in a lively energy above and below it. Liv is an exquisite guitar complimented with spectacular woods. This guitar performs amazingly with a mic and provides everything needed to become a professional touring instrument as well as one of a kind art piece with limitless musical potential. 





∑𝑑 = (𝑑1+𝑑2+𝑑3+𝑑4+𝑑5+𝑑6+𝑑7+𝑑8+𝑑9+𝑑10+𝑑11)= 19.8
𝐏= ∑ 𝐅 ∕ T ∑𝐅=∑𝑑⧹𝐀
P = 19.8 / T
𝐏= 19.8 / 22 ≅ 9/10 ≅ 90%

The Ecstatic Guitar Theorem


This is a Joi Guitars original design. It is a continuation of a series of guitars Reuben Forsland and Symphontree Music offer exclusively entitled “Mlodya”. This guitar was crafted in Joi Guitar’s shop located in Comox, British Columbia.

Notion of Design

A few years ago Reuben Forsland sourced some incredibly figured African Rosewood from Montreal, QC that was milled nearly two decades ago. The first guitar constructed of this material was called “Mlodya”. It married the sweet, bright colouring of the rosewood with a powerful spruce top and a jumbo body. This guitar is the third guitar in the Mlodya series and is fashioned in a small jumbo box, a bevel and an offset rosette design with a powerful spruce table.

An enthusiastic and colourful guitar with a warm, engaging voice. Clean refined lines, high quality woods and tight curves make this a very special and comfortable instrument to play.




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Feb 17 2018  Queen Charlotte Village


“The secret of my influence has always been that it remained secret”

Salvador Dali