“There is a subconscious, emotional level that informs playing, and since I’m the kind of person who carries his baggage around internally, nothing has ever helped me tap into my feelings more”


“In order to create there must be a dynamic force, and what force is more potent than love?”


Igor Starvinsky


Joi Guitars

Dec 15 2017  “Wild Side”


Slash II

Soundboard  Ancient Sitka Spruce  Picea sitchensis

  Back, Sides, Neck The Tree Mahogany Swietenia macrophylla

Bridge, Fretboard  Ebony Diospyros


NUT WIDTH 1 3/4″


1.Chordal Response:  a fast-warm energetic-lively response, balanced- thick chordal weight with crisp developed spectrum, warm productive, cathedral bass  4.95
𝑑1 = 4.95   ( 5-n) +1 =1.95 )
2.Individual note decay as well as blended in a chord:  14 secs  heroic mahogany sustain with upper/ lower partials, feedback possible in overtones if desired    5.0
𝑑2 = 5.0 ( 5-n) +1 =2.0)
3. Basic volume and presence: a loud volume with loads of headroom, dynamic and rich voice, rewarding and balanced blend of “captivating” tree mahogany nuances     4.9
𝑑3 =4.9 ( 5-n) +1 =1.9 )
4. Individual note separation and focus: excellent note separation and focus, full bodied  -rich highs, airy and decadent bass, wet and dry notes, possible, excellent balance and articulation     4.95
𝑑4 =4.9 ( 5-n) +1 =1.95)

5.Systematic sustain: warm full bodied sustain, wet and dry response possible, versatile sustain from flat picking to finger-style, toasty malleable sustain, capable of building amplitude and even feeding back  5.0
𝑑5 =5.0 ( 5-n) +1 =2.0)
6. Response compliance: energetic, lively response with balanced finish, active and balanced spectrum, intimate, pleasing      4.95
𝑑6 = 4.9 ( 4.85 -n) +1 =1.9 )
7. Balance and quality of tone: very well balanced with a crisp acoustic note perfect for recording, an enthusiastic fun voice, inviting vibrant, Chirping full harmonics everywhere!, effortless playability, intimate, pleasing, rich, quintessential tree tone         4.95
𝑑7 = 4.9 ( 4.8-n) +1 =1.9 )
8. Even strength and balance of each string: strings are very well balanced, refined sound with expert articulation, great fundamental  4.95
𝑑8 = 4.9 ( 4.75-n) +1 =1.95 )
9. Tone projection: nervous box, feel it purr as you play, forward intimate. concert, focused tone production, radiated sound full box breaths, crisp-sharp-radiant-highs      4.95
𝑑9 =4.95 ( 5-n) +1 =1.95)
10. A large dynamic range: a superb array of focused dynamics, soft, open, sweet, harsh, raspy, western, rock, orchestral, cathedral, bellowing bass, resonant responsive steel string box, a guitar to discover new sounds on all the time  4.95
𝑑10 =4.9 ( 5-n) +1 = 1.95 )

11. Tonal bloom: full bloom cycles, excellent drive and pedal tone   4.95
𝑑11 =4.9 ( 5-n) +1 =1.95 )


Quality Of Tone

A full bodied voice with limitless potential teamed up with effortless playability. This is a guitar that will surprise you time and time again with the range of colours it brings to all of your musical senses. A superbly focused bath of energetic sound soaked in the takings of a massive harmonic spectrum and dynamic range. Servings of cathedral-like sound swimming in overtones, capable of inspiring an emotional connection with listeners and players. Slash II presents a full bodied sound with an even concert balance, full of rich overtones and strong supportive fundamental. Truly a historic instrument with tremendous musical potential.


∑𝑑 = (𝑑1+𝑑2+𝑑3+𝑑4+𝑑5+𝑑6+𝑑7+𝑑8+𝑑9+𝑑10+𝑑11)= 21.4
𝐏= ∑ 𝐅 ∕ T ∑𝐅=∑𝑑⧹𝐀
P = 21.4 / T
𝐏= 21.4/ 22 ≅ 9.7/10 ≅ 97%

The Ecstatic Guitar Theorem


This guitar is an original design from Reuben Forsland at Joi Guitars. It was finished Dec 2 2017 in his shop in Comox BC.

Notion of Design

The concept was to design Saul Hudsun a custom acoustic guitar for his birthday. The resulting historic guitar paired a 3000 year old ancient top with “The Tree” mahogany. Slash was interviewed by Acoustic Guitar Magazine and declared that this was the best acoustic guitar he has ever played. Now three years later another Slash guitar is born.Slash II is fitted with sterling silver purfling, tree mahogany tuning buttons and centres around a very unique electrical wire rosette made from a salvaged machine, combed off the beach.

The inspiration for the rosette came to me much like all my best thinking… while on an ocean-side walk. I found this rusty old electrical part sitting amongst the rocks and the way the sun was shining on it, it reminded me of the interior workings of an electric guitar volume dial. That was it! 
I brought it home and shined up some of the rusty aluminum wires which I then inlayed into the Ebony around the rosette. I positioned the pieces in a circular manner with simple ‘humps’, or ‘rises and falls’ of the wire to create the feeling of energy, like in a heartbeat monitor. I then outlined the Ebony rosette with Fine (Pure) Silver. “

Reuben Forsland

The guitar was further customized with a beveled arm rest and a shallow heel for Slash to comfortably get to the 19th+ frets without having a cutaway. The guitars neck is a premium ‘The Tree” slab milled specifically for this build and the fret markers are sterling silver encased marble.

Slash II is a grand example of an extraordinary lifetime instrument capable of providing an eternity of musical happiness.

An extraordinary guitar with a thick full bodied voice infused with musical nuances. Slash II embodies a cathedral like tone that easily pleases the most discerning ears. This tone inspires a deeper musical connection with the player due to the versatility and power of its awe inspiring voice. Patience, is a guitar that will surprise and amaze your senses every-time it is played making it a quintessential muse for a lifetime of excitement and happiness.




Dec 15 2017  Wild Side


“When I picked it up, I was completely humbled. It was a shock-and-awe moment. It changed everything I’d ever thought about acoustic guitars leading up to that point,” Slash continues, with a boyish wonder that betrays the reverence a head-banging kid might have for Slash himself. “It was the most amazing acoustic guitar I’d ever played or heard”