Grey Ghost Sitka

A few years ago John Wagner was hiking through his property in the remote wilderness in Washington’s state magical pacific northwest. John noticed a spectacular “snag” or dead old growth spruce still standing tall. The bark at the base of the tree had peeled away revealing an almost grey like wood underneath with very tight grains.

John felled the tree and opened it up. He was amazed by the silky medullary rays, the crisp balance of colours and distinctive tap tone. Wagner was sure that this tree was special. The resins inside the log were highly crystallized giving it an outstanding resonance and crisp deflection. The log was sold to Richard Hoover the owner of Santa Cruz guitars. Richard had this to say about the Grey Ghost Sitka after working with it himself and hearing the outcome.

“This Spruce is the best sounding Sitka ever. Like having been stored in the barn over fifty years.”   Richard Hoover.


Exceptional Guitars ordered in Belize Sinker Mahogany

Stephen Strahm’s Eros

A very comfortable guitar with a balanced piano like tone that is elegant, wide, open and responsive.

“Grey Ghost” Sitka Top, Belize River Sinker Mahogany, Honduran Mahogany Neck, Florentine Cut Away. Ebony Fingerboard, Bridge, Bone Nut, Saddle , Lower Bout Depth: 4 1/2″, Upper Bout Depth: 3 1/2″, Body Length: 20 1/8″, Lower Bout: 15 9/16″, Waist: 9 1/16″, Upper Bout: 11″,Scale Length 25.375″     $9250          Reserve This Guitar