Mario Beauregard

Goldaline III

Bear Claw Sitka “Goldaline” Top, Vintage Walnut Back and Sides, Cut-Away, Ebony Fingerboard, Bridge, 16 ” Lower Bout, 1 3/4″ Nut Width, 2 1/4″ String Spacing

New With Warranty

The Ecstatic Guitar Theorem

1.Chordal Response: fast, lively, energetic response, long swells versatile chordal weight, very dynamic, crisp response and definition    5.0
𝑑1 =    ( 5-n) +1 =2 )
2.Individual note decay as well as blended in a chord:  20 secs + (Drop D)  malleable sustain (push harder with your finger on the fret )
approx  18 sec as note            ~20 sec + with vibrato                   5.0
𝑑2 =  ( 5-n) +1 =2 )
3. Basic volume and presence: LOUD, soft, classical, orchestral, powerful, profound presence, interactive volume, roaring, thunderous, thundering bass volume     5.0
𝑑3 =( 5-n) +1 =2 )
4. Individual note separation and focus: clear, thick, crisp, very good note separation with an airy finish, wet and dry notes possible,     5.0
𝑑4 =( 5-n) +1 =2 )

5.Systematic sustain:  trembling sustain, rich defined overtone series, interactive sustain, delay, lingering sustain that is malleable, fundamental  5.0
𝑑5 =( 5-n) +1 =2 )
6. Response compliance: fast, energetic, interactive response, large open bass swells    5.0
𝑑6 =( 5-n) +1 =2 )
7. Balance and quality of tone: balanced with a crisp acoustic note loaded in fundamental, popping trebles, very energetic, open, ppp to fff, an enthusiastic voice, vibrant, malleable tone, interactive, Chiming harmonics, bellowing harmonics,finger style balanced               5.0
𝑑7 =( 5-n) +1 =2 )
8. Even strength and balance of each string: every string is evenly balanced and pronounced with a crisp acoustic focus, thick and heavy mids and trebles, trembling and enveloping bass loaded with fundamental,  finger style balance    4.9
𝑑8 =( 5-n) +1 =2 )
9. Tone projection: chiming interactive swell, LOUD to soft,  tsunami wave in Drop tunings, bellowing voice,      5.0
𝑑9 =( 5-n) +1 =2 )
10. A large dynamic range: classical to avante garde to contemporory to flat pick to finger style to orchestral, solo, virtuoso, PROFESSIONAL dynamics, new sounds you have never heard, percussive snap to jazz chatting, musical companion    5.0
𝑑10 =( 5-n) +1 =2 )

11. Tonal bloom:  energetic bloom or defined responsive bloom that is interactive, interactive tonal control with even compliance, large range, big bass swells for melodic support     5.0
𝑑11 =( 5-n) +1 =2 )

Quality Of Tone

Lyrical tone with supernatural strength, exuberant, thick, atmospheric, vivacious, very dynamic, rich, rings like a bell, cuts like a knife, soft / classical-nylon, gritty, defined overtone series, very pleasing, shivering soundboard, incredible deep tap tone – snap to whoof, bright and warm, round bellowing deep voice, audible upper partials in bass resonance


∑𝑑 = (𝑑1+𝑑2+𝑑3+𝑑4+𝑑5+𝑑6+𝑑7+𝑑8+𝑑9+𝑑10+𝑑11)=
𝐏= ∑ 𝐅 ∕ T ∑𝐅=∑𝑑⧹𝐀
P = / T
𝐏= 21.9/ 22 ≅ 10/10 ≅ 100%


Goldaline the third was conceived right after the delivery of Goldy the second in the fall of 2015. She was finished in 2016 under the astrological sign Pisces, the fish. Goldaline features tonewoods that have cured in Mario’s private reserve for over 20 years. The wood was purchased right after his apprenticeship with Ervin Somogyi in California. These tone woods embody the intrinsic tonal colours in which Mario loves to work with and has waited 20 years to do so. All Goldaline models feature the same “Goldaline” bear claw sitka top, off the same log, which is extremely limited. and get to hear the outcome of his work in different shapes and colours.
Goldaline set a new standard in acoustic guitar tone in 2015. Her voice took me places I never dreamed existed. These guitars are meant to be the best sounding guitars possible with an incredible focus on tone. This series is exclusively available through Symphontree Music . It has been an incredible honour to get to work with Mario so closely on these guitars.


All design elements on this guitar are Mario Beauregard’s original work. Mario hand makes everything in his shop and seldom uses power tools to work. These guitars are as hand made as possible.


Goldaline III has the waistline and figure of a female body paired with an immensely passionate voice. Expect an intimate and passionate playing experience entrenched in tone. Goldaline is a very special instrument and will always remain so.