One For One Guitar Donations


Improving Lives Through Music


It is a sad fact that many northern communities and schools have no musical instruments available for students to use. Many kids in these communities will not have access to any musical instruments until they reach adulthood and purchase one on their own.

Symphontree Music will be donating a brand new guitar for every instrument sold. These guitars will be made by the following Canadian companies.


All of these brands manufacture guitars with the highest level of standards from local Canadian wood. These guitars are assembled and finished right here in Canada. Their instruments have proven to pass the test of time and set a whole new standard for guitar manufacturers everywhere.

Where We Give


All instruments will be donated to local students on Haida Gwaii. Once a guitar is sold the purchaser can choose a community to donate the guitar to.



      • Skidegate
      • Sandspit
      • Queen Charlotte 
      • Tlell
      • Port Clements
      • Masset
      • Old Masset
      • Tow Hill Community 


These new instruments will become lifetime companions and help build a foundation for musical inspiration and growth in local communities.  Symphontree’s core message and original inspiration from conception was Bill Reid’s poem, “Joy Is a Well Made Object”. There is no greater joy then knowing you are making a difference in the lives of others.

The Gift of Music


Music has an ability to harness a more immediate connection with pure sensations than any other fine art form. The sensations of tone are the organic material of the art and can be felt through your whole body. The best music has the ability to transcend your favourite playlists or CD and takes you to a different time and place in your life and becomes your companion. This music has the power to bring you back and place you in your life, at a time that you will always remember.