Nicole Alosinac, My Guitar Doctor

This is the woman behind it all. Without Vancouver’s Nicole Alosinac there would be no Symphontree Music. Nicole’s extensive knowledge of the art of luthiery has fueled my pursuit for tone more than any other influence in the world. Allow me to explain.




Nicole’s hands do not just fix and mend guitars: they heal and motivate the wood for countless years of playing and musical inspiration. Nicole helps me find tone in every nook, cranny, and curve of a guitar. If I ever question the quality of any instrument I immediately seek Nicole’s expert advice.

Nicole’s eyes do not miss a thing.  I will give you some examples.

Lets pretend a builder (none of my treasured luthiers:)…

1…slipped the saw and sliced away a portion of the binding then filled the gap with glue, felt marker or paint and finished the guitar. Despite the luthier’s attempt to disguise the wounded instrument, Nicole’s eyes will zoom into the density inconsistency around the binding and with few simple taps, the truth is revealed.

2…didn’t let the finish cure. She can tell instantly and diagnose the next 2 weeks for the guitar.

3…cut a sloppy nut and saddle carve. She can tell without even looking; she only needs to pluck through the strings (or listen to someone else do this). For example, I called Nicole and asked her to fix what I believed I was hearing on the guitar and she diagnosed the problem and prescribed the remedy through the phone. The guitar got the voice it deserved.




Nicole has an amazing attachment to wood and trees themselves and is very passionate about what she does. This shows in her flawless work and expert advice.

All customers receive a complimentary set up and personal appointment with Nicole to go over their new guitar.

Nicole and I share one important goal: to provide you with the best playing experience possible.

Together we will take over the world, one guitar at a time.


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Thank you Nicole Alosinac for all your hard work and support to help fuel my quest for the world’ finest guitars. Your expert advice, skilled hands, and incredible connection with the wood have motivated me more than you will ever know. You have and always will be “My Guitar Doctor.”

Nicole Alosinac Luthiery