11:15 PM (Approximately 12 hours till my new GF arrives)

“Patience my friend,” I find my self constantly repeating. In time she will be knocking on my door and it will be pure magic.

Allow me to explain. After sealing the deal on representing Michael Greenfield to the world I felt great, almost too good. Now, I have to wait!! I have never played a Greenfield before but I know they are exquisite. I picture a fine dame with hour glass curves and looks that would bring any guitarist to his knees. After all, Greenfield guitars have managed to seduce guitarists like Keith Richards, Don Alder, Andy Mckee and many, many more. The build up to the first Greenfield in my hands is BIG and tests my patience! In the meantime I will be doing full 360 spins with an uppercut motion in the living room. I need a Greenfield NOW…….

Michael mentioned to me that he could get me my first GF by May. Luthier time is a strange thing so I have learned to have great patience, so May doesn’t sound that bad (albeit still hard). So I called Michael and talked about the GF and it turned out he had exactly what I wanted and it wasn’t claimed yet. I 360-uppercutted on the streets of Vancouver and told Michael that he was holding my guitar. Now I was beginning to reach a new point of excitement.

1 day , 2 days, 3 days, 4 DAYS.


11:30 PM (Approximately 11hrs 45min till my new GF arrives)

“How the hell am I going to sleep?” I find my self-pacing and dancing. I feel like I need a Disney movie or sweet lullaby to calm me down. It’s truly time to rest.

7:10 am

Time to track that shipment for the 20’th time. It is always exciting to see where my GF has been and think about who may have handled her or mistreated her. I notice that she has landed and is now ready for delivery in Vancouver. I decide to clean everything in the house to give her a good first impression which helps keep me busy and pre-occupied which was very important. I decide to finish my cleaning spree on the front the porch and hopefully spot a Fed Ex vehicle while I work.

10:35 am

“What does a Fed Ex vehicle sound like?” I kept guessing if the hum of the automobiles out front could be consistent with a delivery van. Secretly I knew that any vehicle had the potential to be escorting my new GF so I watched the road like a hawk. Then my mistress arrived safely.

11:15 am

A clean shop and an empty stand, I unpacked my GF. Simple and elegant, this fine instrument immediately begins to seduce me with her round curves. I need to hear this guitar sing but I further test my patience and take a good look at her. I realize that our first time together is going to be very special and I need to take my time to show her the respect she deserves before I take her over and make her sing. It is now time…..

GF: Adirondack Spruce Top, Indian Rosewood Back and Sides, Ebony Fretboard, Ebony Bridge, Bone Nut and Saddle, Natural Hide Glue, Custom Flight Case $8500

This guitar is EPIC. I cannot, nor can anyone else, explain the full experience of playing a Greenfield for the first time because every moment is loaded with tonal surprises that shock you as a guitarist. I have never heard an instrument speak to me in this way and every pluck or strum lead to a new realization; this is one of the best guitars in all of the world.

Luscious and thick tone that seems to electrify with your touch. This guitar is ALIVE and embodies the sweetest tonal range I have ever heard. Incredible projection and responsiveness all across the board with an impeccable balance. This instrument is unlike any other guitar in the world and it is truly hard to explain the magic that happens when you are in it’s captivity. After over 7 hrs of playing I still feel like I can’t explain the experience in full detail. With a hard attack the guitar projects like no other and sustains within the body for what seems like an impossible amount of time. I feel like this guitar is electrified because as you play through the fingerboard you can drive some notes over top of one another and it almost feels like the GF is going to feedback but the swell calms down and settles right in front of you. You can feel the energy from the guitar first in your chest then your spine and to the floor. Truly a remarkable and uplifting experience. The notes seem to hover indefinitely right in front of you and you can actually hear and feel the fundamental cycle of the frequency.

After 7 hours of play you would figure I could understand the way the GF reacts, thinks and plays but this is a wild horse that needs many more hours of taming before I can vocalize her full potential. I will spend another 7-10 hrs on her today and see what other dreams this beauty can make come true.

I will leave off with WOW, what a guitar. Every serious guitarist in the world needs to hear an instrument like this because it changes your entire perspective of how to play and makes your fingers dance on the fingerboard till dawn. It is truly addictive and extremely rewarding to play.

In my first few hours of play I found myself growing as a guitarist under the breath of the GF’s insane timbre but also dumbfounded because even in my line of work I have never heard or played an acoustic guitar this special. It is every guitarist’s dream come true. Don’t believe me? Come on down to Symphontree Music today to see for yourself why Michael Greenfield was named number one luthier in the world in 2012.