Mt Genevieve

Mt Genevieve

December 10 2016     Haida Gwaii Backcountry


After lying awake all night I had no problem catching the morning ferry from Alliford Bay to Skidegate. It was actually not surprising but we were the only vehicle onboard the early morning sailing. Todays voyage is to investigate as well as ride the summit section of Mt Genevieve. There has been a tremendous amount of snowfall in the last two weeks. Yesterday we had high winds all day which adds a bit of uncertainty in the snowpack and ice to the summit. Determined as always I set out to the mountain. On this adventure I was joined by my friends Neil Goodwin and Stephane Fortier.


We arrived at the base of the mountain at sunrise. It was 0 degrees outside and there was a good amount of snow on the road. We will need to be very careful climbing today due to the ice, recent snowfall, winds and slight rise in temperature.

After a steady climb up the icy banks of Genevieve we started snowboarding around 10:00 am. The visibility was terrible, the air was incredible and the snow was great. For my first run I set out to get as close to the summit as possible. I tucked into some trees right below the summit and supported myself on a small Spruce tree to strap in.

We managed to get in four good runs on the mountain and then started making our way back to the base to catch the next sailing home. This was a magnificent day!

Luthier Stephane Fortier riding Mt Genevieve