Michel Pellerin Has Got It!


Michel Pellerin

This years biggest surprise at the Woodstock festival in New York was Michel Pellerin’s incredible tone. Within hours of the festival ending I heard from several professional musicians that Michel Pellerin has reached the next dimension of tone. Michel built this piece especially for the Woodstock show to let the world know what he is capable of.




Michel will be showing this guitar at the Osaka Sound Messe in Japan in two weeks. If you have a chance to make the show then get to this guitar. I’m looking forward to hearing Michel’s groundbreaking tone in person.

Congratulations Michel Pellerin on this exquisite guitar. Anyone pushing the next dimension of tone is always on my radar and I look forward to hearing your work soon.



Celine Dion and her guitarist Kaven Girouard serenading Las Vegas with the help of Michel Pellerin’s tone.