Prepare For The Undertow! Mario Beauregard Crafts The Best Sounding Guitars On The Planet


[blockquote cite=]There are times when you can submerge yourself and drift on the sonic weight of tone.  A wilderness like the surface of the moon that moves from here to the mountains. It’s not these hiding places that keep us faithful; it is here that you claim all that is spoiled in your heart.  It is a common ground on which to build under these patches of blue skies. The journey, exploration, and greed for tone evolves under the weight of music. Then, as though you’ve won some kind of lottery, the undertow sweeps you off your feet and changes everything.[/blockquote]

In today’s market we have so many competing luthiers all pushing the limits of what is possible through the intimate design of the guitar. Every guitar goes through a unique process during its build and this process is refined over time. The subtleties and changes may be impossible for the average internet consumer to notice but for the luthier these percentage points are crucial. Every point is a landmark and is hard earned through decades of experience, blood, sweat, and tears. Where the luthier begins on this journey, who they meet and work with along the way, and their passion directly affect your instrument.

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There are very few luthiers who have dedicated their lifetime to this journey and succeeded. These luthiers and their teachings are absolutely critical for the evolution of the instrument. Their work demands our attention. Fine instruments improve your playing. The energy transfer is completely unique and the player becomes entrenched and submerged in the tone thus creating one vibrating body. In this dimension the player can push himself and see and feel new colours, textures, swells and patterns which increase the emotional response and compliance of the user.


Until Mario Beauregard delivered Goldaline, I had never felt the true power of the acoustic guitar. This guitar arrived as an OM and became “Goldaline.” The name Goldaline was taken from an excerpt of a song to which I was emotionally attached in the nineties. This song was my first introduction to the raw power of one man and his instrument.

There was no doubt in my mind that Goldaline was it: the new gold standard of tone. It was no coincidence that I was immediately reminded of my own journey through music and the result of that work felt today. None of this would have happened without the tone. Tone so malleable you feel like a magician swooning and swaying the decay and resonance. Tone that literally sparked an entire new dimension of my ability to play, as heard in my first sound clip when I recorded the guitar. This is one track, one guitar, one man, emotionally empowered by the tone.  I have yet to “learn” how to even play this clip as getting into that mind set without “Goldaline” doesn’t seem possible. It just doesn’t feel or sound right.


Goldaline is the result of three decades of perseverance and dedication to the pursuit of tone. This is the exact style of instrument that I have worked so hard to find. Mario Beauregard and Symphontree Music will now be offering a limited line of guitars exclusively for sale through Symphontree Music. These guitars will be the new standard of responsive tone and other luthiers must take note. For the first time ever I have felt the undertow of tone and it will be my extreme pleasure to offer a line of guitars with so much tonal weight, you will be pulled under.

Mario Beauregard is producing the new gold standard in tone. I can say with complete confidence that Mario is crafting the best sounding guitars on the planet! If you are ready to feel the undertow and experience the next dimension of acoustic clarity then Goldaline needs to be your next guitar.



[blockquote cite=Jeff-Mangum]Goldaline, my dear, we will fold and freeze together, far away from here. There is sun and spring and green forever. But now we move to feel for ourselves inside some stranger’s stomach. Place your body here, let your skin begin to blend itself with mine.[/blockquote]