“Letting Off The Happiness” A Drum Ceremony To Celebrate The Voice Of Ancient Sitka Spruce

A guitar is born through lines and time folding together in unison. This offering comes together in complete harmony as a musical instrument with extraordinary capabilities.  Such an instrument has a voice capable of resounding the builder’s signature tone as well as realizing the hues, colours and textures developed over the course of the material’s lifetime from nut to tree. A story etched in the grain forever but never given a voice until now.

“The Ancient OM”

by Joi Guitars

The Ancient: Ancient Sitka Top (3000 year old), 20 Year Vintage Ziricote, Curly Claro Walnut Walnut Neck, 25.4″ Scale Length, Ebony Fingerboard, Figured Maple Binding with Black/ White Trim, Arm Bevel, Signature Pin-Less Bridge, Gotoh Tuners 1:21 Gear Ratio, 1 3/4″ Nut, 2 1/4 String Spacing, 14 Fret To Body, Bone Nut and Saddle, Double Action Truss Rod with Carbon Neck Rod, Joi Ziricote Signature Headstock, Ameritage Guitar Case, Upper Bout is 10 3/4″, Waist is 9″,Lower Bout is 14 1/2″, Body Length is 19 1/2″, Total Length is 40″



As a purveyor of fine instruments it is crucial to consider the accents and expressions of the wood behind the guitar in order to fully appreciate the instrument.

Such a wood to consider would be Ancient Spruce, dated over 3000 years old. This ancient wood has an unsung chorus waiting to be realized for the first time.

Karver Everson Artwork


Karver Everson was invited over to Reuben’s shop in order to offer a ceremonial drumming on the ancient wood before it was finalized as a guitar. Karver comes from a family of respected artists. He is also in line to be the next chief of the Komoks nation. Everson has been commissioned by the Komoks band to carve the totem overlooking his ancestors graves. The Komoks people date back to the time and place of this ancient tree and it only makes sense for him to share the first voice of this ancient wood with the world. Carver teamed up with his relative Jesse and recorded this sound file.

Karver Everson and Jesse Drumming The Ancient Sitka

Karver Everson Mask


The Ancient OM In Progress

Karver Everson Totem


Karver Everson Mask

Letting Off The Happiness

After receiving the files I sat on my front porch with a great guitar and began to play on top of Everson’s beat. As luck would have it a Raven joined in and made this collaboration extra special.

The future hangs over its limbs. It turns and spins with each occurring event. Then it falls all about like rain from a cloud as it braves to begin to end, letting off the happiness again.