The Next Level of Custom Guitars By Joel Sahlstrom

Lua and Gladys

Two truly historic new instruments from one of  North America’s most promising young luthiers: Joel Sahlstrom. Joel’s work is unlike any other builder you have played or witnessed. The lines are perfect and the tone breathes with a solid mix of traditional and contemporary elements, making it an extremely versatile and intimate musical tool.  Expect the traditional bounce and focus of a well played pre- war Martin paired with the thick enveloping tone that Somogyi’s apprentices are famous for producing. These following guitars are the product of years of working together with Joel to create the most historically significant guitars possible with one primary focus: tone.


by Joel Sahlstrom

OOOExtremely Figured Alaskan Sitka Top, Antique “Graceland” Master Grade Honduran Mahogany Back and Sides (Log milled in 1957: The tone-wood was intended to build guitars for Elvis Presley following the release of  “Jailhouse Rock” and purchase of his new mansion in Tennessee called “Graceland”), Alaskan Sitka Braces, Sound port, Arm Bevel, Knee Rest, 5 Piece Neck, Ebony Fretboard, Bridge, Indian rosewood binding, Slotted Headstock, Joel’s Rosette, Gold Evo Fret Wire               $8500

Gladys, My Happiness

Happiness correlates to every single living being on our planet. It surrenders the universe’s powers to create the difference between love and hate and help us understand that all we have is now. Happiness has a unique ability to grow and procreate itself within the controls and confines of our individual environments and influences.

“My Happiness” was written by Betty Peterson Blasco and would enter the world as the first song ever
recorded by Elvis Presley on July 18 1953. This song was a gift to Elvis’s mother, Gladys. Gladys and Elvis were unbelievably close from birth to stardom. Even in his teens Elvis admittedly would share a bed with his “mamma.” Without the suave voice of Elvis’s rendition of Blasco’s “My Happiness” then this specific “Graceland” tonewood may have not ever been imported into America and Elvis may have never emerged as the “King.” It is with great pleasure that I will have the chance to share this historic wood with you.


by Joel Sahlstrom OOOAncient Glacier Sitka Top (2850 Years Old), Master Grade Vintage Sugar Maple Back, Sides, Neck (Milled in the 70’s for Cello’s; cured and dried over 40 years. Dense and tight with an incredible “Q” value), Sahlstrom Ebony Bridge, Fingerboard, Binding, Sahlstrom  Arm Rest and Knee Rest, Original Sahlstrom Rosette, Headstock New With Warranty                          

“Lua” pairs two native american wood species together in absolute harmony. The wise, rich and harmonious palette of ancient spruce is paired with the sweet candied sugar maple finish. This is an anomalous mix of grain colours blended together for the first time in history. The dark, glacial stained top and dense maple canvas back and sides embody 3000 years of witnessed history and are given a voice for the first time on this guitar. Lua is a collaborative effort between Symphontree Music and Sahlstrom Stringed Instruments to realize the finest and most significant guitar possible. With every note played there is an omniscient power transmitted through the absolute grain of our continent’s history. Within this awesomeness, an exquisite responsive guitar is born. It will be an incredible honour to share Joel’s incredible work with the world.


 Lua and The Dark Side Of The Moon

Lua is a Latin, Galician and Portuguese name meaning “moon.” Lua was the Roman Goddess to whom soldiers sacrificed goods, weapons and their services too. She was said to have enormous powers that could control time and the parting of the seas. Lua claimed her throne on the dark side of the moon where she could never be seen. Her ancient wisdom and power was responsible for everything from daily tides to the falling of newborns through the womb. Her influences are everywhere, from the smile and wave of a stranger to a bowl of oranges ripening on the table, Lua is a part of the whole that makes up everything in our everyday. She is a signatory celebration of the greatness there is in the ability to be anything, at all.