Goldaline, The Prize We Were Promised


I have often used phrases like “rings like a bell,” “responsive,” or “creamy mids and trebles” in order to describe guitars. These phrases seem to be default traits of fine acoustic instruments and are used often. Last night my perspective of what these terms meant changed forever and a whole new standard was set. Even though I have been playing guitar professionally over the last decade and have been exposed to some of the finest guitars ever crafted, I  had no idea of the real potential of the acoustic guitar as a solo instrument.



My experience of composing for orchestras as well as small chamber groups has enriched my palette for the “tasting” of fine instruments. I have always judged guitars based on what I believe the instrument is capable of and not based on my experience of what I have heard.  The subtleties and richness of a versatile instrument allow you to truly immerse in the motions of song. My appreciation for what an instrument can do is more based on the power of music as a whole and not the physical design itself.


Beneath every song there are layers of harmony and rhythm supporting the melodic or underlying theme. Within every note played there is a large group of tones layered together to form one fundamental frequency. Some instruments allow for illicit timbre exploitation and allow musicians to explore their medium with a growing passion and enthusiasm. The acoustic guitar is one such instrument that demands some more exploring. Lets take the electric guitar as an example. The effect of tapping on a thick analog delay wave through your amp with your master and pre-amp setting just right allows you to explore and reconnect with the “journey” of music. The electric guitar has given guitarists everywhere the ability to search and dig out new tones effortlessly. With an acoustic instrument we are very limited to the capabilities of the material and design of the instrument. Until now, I didn’t know what that really meant.



Goldaline (pronounced Gold- a- lean ) was crafted by the Canadian luthier and acoustician Mario Beauregard. Mario’s work has progressed tremendously over the course of the last two years. His ability to build exquisite instruments is second to his gift for voicing them. Mario played concert bass professionally for many years. With his love for the sound of music and the thrill of being right at the pulse of it, Mario studied to finish a fine arts degree in music performance. His experience of working with sound and being at the centre of its construction lead him to the art of luthiery. Legendary luthier Ervin Somogyi saw something incredible in Mario’s work and as such invited him to be his first apprentice. Mario had the extreme pleasure of studying with Ervin Somogyi for over a year learning everything he could.






There is truth in every phrase played on this guitar. An underlying physical presence that motivates and completes every shiver of the soundboard. A tremble that lasts like an honest verse of longing. Goldaline is the promise, the guitar with a soul and a heavy heart and the future of acoustic resonation. Each playing experience is a carousel of senses and excites your soul like a school boy crush. Mario has set a new standard of excellence and exposed the purest acoustic sound I have ever heard.







After centuries of guitar design paired with professional players pushing the boundaries of the instrument we have always wanted more from the guitar. A guitar that does it all! This is the guitar we were promised.  A new golden era from which all other guitars will need to adjust to. The guitarist community itself owes Mario a big thanks for taking the acoustic instrument to the next level. An inspiration and wow in every sense of the word!


Behind The Scenes



This photo session was shot on May 5th . After taking a few shots with my camera I had to play the guitar! A school of small Salmon fry moved up the the creek towards where I was sitting to listen. I put down the guitar and tried to photo graph them and they dispersed slowly.




Then I sat down, dropped the tuning and an eagle swooped and rested on the beach beside me. He then moved to a tree directly above me. Two of his friends flew over to have a listen as well. When I finished playing the bird of prey took to the sky and headed to the mountains!













This guitar is ALIVE! oh and Sandspit may be the most beautiful place on Earth!




Back home to play some guitar.

Stay tuned for the official ad for Goldaline including many more pictures, sound clips as well as a critical tone analysis.

Goldaline by Mario Beauregard

Goldaline: Bearclaw Sitka Top, Waterfall Bubinga Back and Sides, Ebony Fingerboard, Headstock Veneers, Bridge, Bone Nut and Saddle, Florentine Cut-Away, 14 Fret to Body, 1 3/4 Nut Width, Abalone, Rosette, Magnetic Truss Rod Cover





“Goldaline” In Gold: Bearclaw Sitka Top,“The Tree” Back and Sides, Ebony Fingerboard, Headstock Veneers, Bridge, Bone Nut and Saddle, Florentine Cut-Away, 14 Fret to Body, 1 3/4 Nut Width, Abalone, Rosette, Magnetic Truss Rod Cover        arriving by July                     $21,000 USD