Nakedness in general puts everyone in their most vulnerable state. There is nothing left but what makes you yourself and nobody else. Often we view clothes and belongings as ways of uniquely expressing our individuality. The most original shapes and lines anyone will ever see are actually hidden below the garments and embellishments. Can a guitar be nude?


We are used to seeing guitars exactly how they are created by their creators when they are ready to be presented. The naked body of a guitar may help us understand its compatibility to the user as well. If a guitar becomes more masculine with its embellishments removed then that may interest you more than the feminine option. This may help us derive a gender for guitars which will encourage a better long-term relationship. This also may prove to be very important for singers and songwriters looking for a muse. What needs to be considered is the bias of my relative perspective to yours. So nakedness of the guitar should be represented from a skewed symmetrical relationship in which we both see the same rigid bodies but the possibility exists that we will derive the opposite conclusions. In addition, all of these planes of thought exist because I conceived the idea to formulate them, thus additional bias is presented within my representation. If nakedness is be accounted for than this needs to be addressed.

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To help assert the gender of a guitar “nude” photos of the guitars will be displayed and explained in each guitars profile to assert gender