Bespoke Service

Your Custom Instrument

Express yourself with our bespoke experience. Designed to help you create your own unique instrument, this service explores materials that set your own standard of tone. Dedicated to making your custom guitar dreams a reality, this is the new custom guitar standard.


Our team of world-class luthiers are dedicated to bringing your inspirations to life as a custom instrument. We go to great lengths to create your bespoke instrument exactly the way you envision it. Capture what inspires you in your own unique instrument and let the only limit be your imagination.

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The Wood Book

The dedication and determination of our luthiers ensures that every single aspect of your guitar, from its assembly to its response at your touch, is subject to remorseless scrutiny. Learn more about the principles in design, form, and function of instruments, and the materials used.

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Blending the colours, materials, form and inspirations of both the artist and the player results in a guitar with a lasting impression. Explore some of our finest commissioned instruments.

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Your Guitars

Keep track of your guitars and inspirations with personalized online portfolio’s of instruments you have purchased or ordered. All client’s are assigned “tree” names to remain anonymous.

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