Tony Karol’s “The Light Vader”

“The Light Vader” Signature Model: Master Grade Sinker Redwood Top, Reserve Grade Cocobolo Back and Sides, African Blackwood Binding, Head plate, Laskin Armrest, and bridge, Multiscale Ebony Fingerboard, 25.25″ – 26.5″ Parallel 7’th Fret, Top Braces: Adirondack Spruce, Back Braces: Englemann Spruce, Offset Cocobolo Rosette with Red Abalone Rings, Honduran Mahogany Neck, Mitred Back Strip and Tail Wedge, 1 ¾” Polished Bone Nut, 2 3/16 ” with Ebony Pins, Polished 3/16″  Wide Bone Saddle, Cosmo Black Gotoh 510 tuners, K&K Pure Western Mini Pickup Installed

$9500             Brand New With Warranty    

Custom Taupe/Brown Embroidered Ameritage Case Included
[blockquote cite=Kevin]The ultimate finger style weapon. This guitar sings in standard and roars in drop tunings. Prepare for the ultimate finger style destroyer. So much fun![/blockquote]

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Sinker Redwood



The Listening Bar


The Critical Tone Analysis

1. Chordal Response: fast, lively, pounces out of the box 4.75

2. Individual note decay as well as blended in a chord: 4.75

~ approx 12 sec as note ~ 12 -14 sec with vibrato

3. Basic volume and presence: loud, orchestral, symphonic, lush, rich, deep fundamental, enchanting, dark, thunderous   4.75

4. Individual note separation and focus: clear note separation and focus 4.5

5.Systematic sustain:a lush dark warm and thick wave in slow swells approx 12 sec     4.5

6. Quality of sound: powerful, symphonic, lush, rich, fundamental, dark, enveloping, cello, full bodied, sweet and spicy, dripping in tone, thick, wet, vibrant overtone series

7. Response compliance: responds quickly to touch with clear fundamental, separation and balance 4.75

8. Balance and quality of tone: Even balance but heavier on the bass side  4.0

9. Even strength and balance of each string: all strings are well pronounced, evenly balanced and enveloped in thick tone 4.50

10. Wolf tones : none to report

11. Tone projection: incredible room presence: fills the room with clearly defined fundamental,  4.25

12. A large dynamic range: vast dynamic range, a unique reactive timbre, expansive range of energy   4.25

13. Tonal bloom: the tone responds quickly and comes out at full volume with a slow decay in a warm and lush wave 4.75