Goldaline by Mario Beauregard

Goldaline: Bearclaw Sitka Top, Waterfall Bubinga Back and Sides, Ebony Fingerboard, Headstock Veneers, Bridge, Bone Nut and Saddle, Florentine Cut-Away, 14 Fret to Body, 1 3/4 Nut Width,  Abalone, Rosette, Magnetic Truss Rod Cover  SOLD


[blockquote cite=Kevin]There is truth in every phrase played on this guitar. An underlying physical presence that motivates and completes every shiver of the soundboard. A tremble that lasts like an honest verse of longing. Goldaline is the promise, the guitar with a soul and a heavy heart and the future of acoustic resonation. Each playing experience is a carousel of senses and excites your soul like a school boy crush. Mario has set a new standard of excellence and exposed the purest acoustic sound I have ever heard. [/blockquote]





Goldaline, The Prize We Were Promised



 The Listening Bar


The Critical Tone Analysis

1. Chordal Response: fast, deep, reactive, thick swell, round, versatile chordal weight, fighter jet speed    5.0

2. Individual note decay as well as blended in a chord:     5.0

14 sec + ~ approx  sec as note ~  14 sec +  with vibrato

3. Basic volume and presence: LOUD, soft, classical, orchestral, powerful, grand piano control, profound presence, interactive volume with a ton of headroom, roaring, thunderous, thundering            5.0

4. Individual note separation and focus: clear, thick, crisp, very good note separation                 5.0

5.Systematic sustain: earth trembling sustain, rich defined overtone series, interactive sustain, delay, lingering sustain that is malleable          5.0

6. Quality of sound: lyrical tone with supernatural strength, exuberant, thick, atmospheric, vivacious, very dynamic, rich, rings like a bell, cuts like a knife, soft / classical-nylon, gritty, fundamental shovel, defined overtone series, very pleasing, shivering soundboard, incredible tap tone snap to whoof, luxuriant

7. Response compliance: fast, energetic, interactive response, perfect finger style balance,           5.0

8. Balance and quality of tone: balanced with a crisp acoustic note loaded in fundamental, very energetic, open, ppp to fff, an enthusiastic voice, vibrant, malleable tone, interactive,               5.0

9. Even strength and balance of each string: every string is evenly balanced and pronounced with a crisp acoustic focus, thick and heavy mids and trebles, trembling and enveloping bass loaded with fundamental,        5.0

10. Wolf tones : none to report

11. Tone projection: Vivacious interactive swell, LOUD to soft, volcanic, tsunami wave        5.0

12. A large dynamic range: smooth jazz to classical to avante garde to contemporory to flat pick to finger style to orchestral, solo, virtuoso, PROFESSIONAL dynamics, new sounds you have never heard, percussive snap to jazz chatting, musical weapon                 5.0

13. Tonal bloom: energetic bloom or slower warm bloom, interactive tonal control with even compliance    5.0












After centuries of guitar design paired with professional players pushing the boundaries of the instrument we have always wanted more from the guitar. A guitar that does it all! This is the guitar we were promised.  A new golden era from which all other guitars will need to adjust to. The guitarist community itself owes Mario a big thanks for taking the acoustic instrument to the next level. An inspiration and wow in every sense of the word!