Laskin “Art Deco”

Master Grade Sitka Spruce Top, Master Grade Brazilian Rosewood Back and Sides, Tropical American Mahogany Neck, Bone Nut and Saddle, Hoffee Case   SOLD


Grit Laskin: A Legendary Canadian and Luthier

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Critical Tone Analysis

1. Chordal Response: fast energetic and lively response 4.25

2. Individual note decay, as well as blended in a chord: long note decay in even swells 4

~ approx 11.2 sec as note ~ 12- 14 sec with vibrato

3. Basic volume and presence: loud, big bass presence, crystal clear trebles 4

4. Individual note separation and focus: clear fundamental and overtone series, 4.5

5. Systematic sustain: ~ approx 11.2 sec 4

6. Quality of sound: warm, sweet, traditional-vintage, open and focused, bass heavy, rich mids and trebles

7. Response compliance: lively guitar, responds quickly to your touch 4

8. Balance and quality of tone: bass heavy with rich mids and trebles 4

9. Even strength and balance of each string: all strings and notes are well pronounced 4

10. Wolf tones : nothing to report

11. Tone projection: focused and even projection, fills the room quickly, aggressive 4.25

12. A large dynamic range: vast dynamic range from a light to hard attack 4.25

13. Tonal bloom: the sound comes out immediately at full volume, long decay in even swells



Inlay Art:
This is my original riff on an early 20th Century Art Deco theme. In the headstock, the ‘fan’ was inspired by some Art Deco period wallpaper.

I blended that with some other curved and ‘lightning’ shapes, inspired by Deco furniture decoration.

To mark the fret positions, we see a detail section of the fan curve. At the octave we also see an echo of the additional design element from the headstock. This ‘echoing’ of design is what, for me, brings full symmetry to the concept.

The shell portion of the fan with it’s single descending line toward the nut, took most of the time to assemble.
In order that it be cut from one continuous piece of shell, there was much time in the internal cuts not to mention cutting the single lone strand without breakage.

The materials used: Rippled Awabi shell, Mother of Pearl, Malachite, Red Coral, Lapis, Yellow Spiney.