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“The Brazen”

by Tony Karol

Signature Body; German Spruce Top , Curly Honduran Mahogany Back, Sides and Neck,Ebony Fingerboard, 1 ¾ ” Bone Nut,  25.4″  Scale Length, Sound Port with Blue/Orange Veneered Reinforcement, Australian Blackwood Rosette with Awabi Shell, Black, Blue and Orange Purfling, Mosaic Backstrip, Mitred Purfling at the Backstrip and Tail wedge, Ziricote Binding, Armrest and Headplates, Red Abalone Karol “K” Logo, Polished Bone Saddle, African Blackwood Bridge with Ebony Pins, Gotoh 510 Tuners

Arched Top and Back 9000 series TKL Hardshell Case



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The Ecstatic Guitar Theorem

Critical Tone Analysis
The Listening Bar

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Critical Tone Analysis

1. Chordal Response: lively response, fast pace         4.25
𝑑1 =     (4.25 -n) +1 = 1.25)
2.Individual note decay as well as blended in a chord: excellent decay and sustain across the spectrum    4.60
approx  12 -15 sec as note ~ sec with vibrato
𝑑2 =    ( 4.60 – n) +1 = 1.60 )
3. Basic volume and presence: energetic and loud guitar, capable of pushing harder, sparkly highs and growling lows   4.40
𝑑3 =  (4.40 – n) +1 =1.40 )
4. Individual note separation and focus: very nice focus and separation low to high  4.60
𝑑4 = ( 4.60 – n) +1 = 1.60 )

5.Systematic sustain: excellent sustain no matter the pitch    4.60
𝑑5 =( 4.60 – n) +1 =1.60 )
6. Response compliance: A responsive guitar with warm vibes      4.50
𝑑6 =(4.50 – n) +1 = 1.50)
7. Balance and quality of tone: warm, rich lows, creamy mids and milky highs that can sparkle, crisp treble response, higher bass amplitude then treble.     4.50
𝑑7 =(4.50- n) +1 =1.50 )
8. Even strength and balance of each string: even strength and balance across the bass and mids with focus in the mids / bass side.       4.50
𝑑8 = (4.50 – n) +1 =1.50 )
9. Tone projection: good projection and audible harmonics on dissonant frets  4.50
𝑑9 =( 4.50– n) +1 = 1.50)
10. A large dynamic range:  a large range of colours and sounds to work with   4.40
𝑑10 =(4.40– n) +1 =1.40)

11. Tonal bloom: crisp and enriching bloom that warms and leaves to fill the room   4.50
𝑑11 = (4.50  – n) +1 = 1.50 )


  •  ∑𝑑 = (𝑑1+𝑑2+𝑑3+𝑑4+𝑑5+𝑑6+𝑑7+𝑑8+𝑑9+𝑑10+𝑑11)=  16.35
  • 𝐏= ∑ 𝐅 ∕ T          ∑𝐅=∑𝑑⧹𝐀
  • P = 16.35 / T
  • 𝐏=  16.35 / 22    ≅  7.4 /10  ≅  coming soon   74%

According to the theorem this guitar outputs %74 of its total available power


This guitar was conceived late summer/ fall 2015 under the astrological sign Virgo (Virgin). It was delivered to Symphontree Music in the sign of Sagittarius (The Archer). Tony’s state of mind was clear and focused. After finishing off a batch of students and current commissions, Tony built this piece for himself with Symphontree in mind for selling it. This guitar was not built in a rush or with any kind of dead line in place. Tony has an absolute love and passion for working with Mahogany and he wanted to use this dense figured set on a couple of new guitars to showcase the look and sound of his guitars backed in Mahogany. Another guitar (OM) is arriving with the same wood very soon. Tony builds and teaches primarily because he loves too, not because he has too.


The Signature body is of Tony’s own design. Tony builds everything himself including jigs and forms.The bevel is a fusion of Ryan / Laskin design with a Karol touch. This particular bevel looks very nice in person and does not alter the guitar lines as such. Headstock is a fairly standard design used and altered by many users. Tony has a new headstock design coming out on his next guitars arriving soon. The sound port is a borrowed design with Tony’s added touches with regards to shape, veneer and tone retention in the box. This being said I am not a big fan of sound ports but this one is nice and still delivers.

The Brazen

The name “The Brazen” was given to the guitar by myself when it arrived right before the holiday season. The colours and work reminded me of an art piece by Sir Gerald Kelly known as the “Newport Nude”. The year was 1947 and Kelly wanted to show the confidence and power of todays women after World War II. The woman is shown confidently smoking a cigarette in the nude with a “brassy” look on her face.The Bishop of Caerleon, Newport banned the work after seeing it. He declared it as ‘brazen, abandoned and vulgar. It was banned for 60 years and re-released in 2008.

Sir Gerald Kelly was commissioned to paint nudes of the current Royal Family shortly after this piece was finished.


Without a doubt this guitar is a female. From the moment it arrived I could tell. This guitar embodies a confident sexiness with its curves and swirls of colours.

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